Moving to Raleigh


Raleigh, North Caroline is a metropolitan area that has more than doubled its population in the past 40 years. Many people are moving into this area. For those who are interested into moving into this area, remember that Excel Moving is here for your moving needs. We also want to ensure that you settle into this area with ease!

History of Raleigh

A little background on Raleigh:

  • This was named after Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Also known as the City of Oaks
  • It is the capital of the Tar Heel State

You will find that there are tons of businesses and employment opportunities in this area. There are tons of companies who call this area home chances are you have seen Raleigh included on several nationwide lists of best places to move after college or for certain careers.

Raleigh has some top ranked schools for parents to consider, and for college aged students there are several colleges to choose from! Including NC State University, William Peace University, Wake Technical Community College, and much more.

A Few Moving Tips to Remember

If you are ready to move into Raleigh, we have a few tips that can make this easier!

  1. Be sure to move during the spring or fall. The weather will be more comfortable. Summer heat here can be hard, but we can still move at any time of the year that you want, despite the weather.
  2. Downtown can get congested. If moving here, be sure that you do this during times of the day in which the traffic is not that bad.
  3. You have 60 days to change your driver’s license to an NC state license when moving from out of state.
  4. If you are moving from out of state, you only have 30 days to change your vehicle registration and title!
  5. Moving from out of state, check for toll roads.

You are going to love Raleigh! It is full of life and excitement. The key is to take your time and find a home that is going to fit your every need.

first move

The First Move: How to Calm those Jitters


Moving away from home for the first time is an emotional time! There are those who do this for college, others go to college while living at home and are not moving out on their own until they land their dream job. Either way, no matter what age you are, this is going to be a difficult process. Not only are you packing what little that you own to move, but you are dealing with the emotional side of moving away from home for the first time.

Expect a Few Tears

Most people will find that when they are moving away for their first time, there will be a few tears. These may be from you or they could be from your parents who have become accustomed to having you home for over 18 years now. Be prepared for the tears, and know that these are not meant to deter you.

Be Prepared for Expenses

The best piece of advice to help calm a lot of those jitters is to know that you have the money to cover living on your own. Hopefully, you have been saving money for those days in which you move out. You need to remember that you are going to be responsible for rent, utilities, and your everyday expenses. This can be a lot of stress, but if you have planned accordingly, it won’t be as difficult to deal with!

Know what to Expect with your Move

Unless you have a lot of second-hand furniture, chances are this first move won’t be much other than those belongings that you have acquired while living with your parents. Either way, Excel Moving can help with the move easily. We will load and unload everything, taking a bit of the stress out of moving. You will want to ensure that you are labeling boxes and getting everything organized so that you can easily unpack and enjoy your own place!


Moving to Greensboro

Here at Excel Moving, we handle moves throughout the state and beyond. However, for many people who are moving to Greensboro, there are several areas that we are seeing frequently. There are numerous area within Greensboro that people are moving into. With this being said, we have a few fun facts about the area, along with some areas that people may want to consider when they are looking to move into the area!

Fun Facts about Greensboro

Did you know:

  1. Greensboro is ranked as #244 in North Carolina!
  2. In the USA, it is ranked at #9967.
  3. It has a livability score of 71 which is higher than the state of North Carolina and higher than the rating for the US.
  4. It gets an A rating for the weather as the average summer temperature is around 76 degrees.
  5. The amenities in the area are given an A+ rating as there are tons of amenities close to most areas in which people are living

These are just a few of the reasons that so many people are looking to move into the area! Many families are choosing to move into the Greensboro area so that they have some great schools, along with that neighborhood feel in their area.

Moving Here

There are several people who are looking to move here. With this being said, here are some interesting stats about living here:

  • The average home price is less than 16% of the national averages
  • The average home price is around $147,500 which is lower than the average for the state of North Carolina
  • The average rent is $751 per month

So, are you ready to move into Greensboro? If so, we can help! Here at Excel Moving, we are professionals when it comes to helping you pack and move into your new home with ease. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can sit back and relax. This can be your best move ever, as we will take over the hassle of the move!

Summer Move

4 Tips for Your Summer Move

A summer move is in the future for many people. However, remember, this summer move is not the same as if you moved during the fall or winter time. During the summer in the Carolina’s, temperatures tend to soar. And this means moving differently. We have a few tips that everyone needs to remember about their summer move!

  1. Hydration is key! We have shared various graphics on our social feeds with summer tips for moving. However, we want to stress the importance of hydration. During the summer and when moving, your body is going to need more water. You will want to ensure you are drinking the recommended amount of water and supplementing this to ensure you are not becoming dehydrated if you are sweating while moving.
  2. Wear cotton clothing, as this is going to be more breathable. The more breathable your clothes are, the more likely you are to stay cool!
  3. Don’t skip eating. Many people when they are moving during the summer time, they tend to forget to eat or they simply skip this. However, you are using tons of calories while moving and packing. So be sure to eat! This can be something light, just ensure it gives you energy. A plate of raw veggies or fruits can be a great way to keep your energy levels high.
  4. Time your move just right. You will find that the heat is going to be worse during the early afternoon hours. That is why many people prefer to pack one day and then have the items loaded during the early morning hours to avoid the heat. This is something to consider and talk with your moving company about.

If you are moving in the area, be sure to contact us here at Excel to ensure that we can help manage your move. Our goal is to make your move easier and stress-free for you!

moving week

3 Tips to Make Moving Week Easier on You

The week of your move, chances are you are going to feel as though you are being pulled in a variety of directions. This is even truer if you are dealing with pets, kids and other family members. What can you do? We have compiled a few tips that may be small, but they are those things that can take a load of stress off your mind and make this week just a bit easier!

  1. Consider preplanning meals and making these. There are tons of recipes online for meals that can be made and stored in the refrigerator for a week. These are the meals that you should be aiming for. Not only does this ensure you do not have to cook while you are trying to pack up boxes, but it also means you avoid having to stop and run out to get food to eat.
  2. If you have kids, while not let them have a mini-vacation with a family member while you are packing. Of course, this may not be an option for everyone. If it is though, it could mean fewer stops and more work completed!
  3. If you have the time to take off from your job, then do so. You are going to find that if you are still working all day and then trying to do this at night for a few hours, it may take longer than a week to really get everything packed and settled. Plus, you are going to be tired. When you are tired and trying to pack and prepare for a move, then is when mistakes happen.

Remember, moving is a difficult task, but here at Excel Moving and Storage, our goal is to make this easier on you. We are professional movers that can make the process less stressful and you may even find that moving is not as difficult of a task that you had once thought it was!


After the Move: What Do You Do with the Boxes?


The movers have left, they have unloaded your furniture exactly where you wanted it, they helped to get the electronics put back together for you, and made the process super easy. You unpack everything super-fast, and you are starting to feel like this new place is quickly becoming home. The only question you have: what are you supposed to do with all those moving boxes?

You can go the traditional route, break these down and then take these to the local recycling center. Or if you are feeling a bit more imaginative, we have a few things that you can do with these boxes that repurpose them. For those who have kids, you can make a great toy that they will enjoy for hours on end!

  1. Repurpose these boxes for the holiday season. How many people often find themselves running out of boxes for packing presents?
  2. Use one of these boxes to create an emergency kit for yourself and your family! These are strong and sturdy boxes that can hold quite a bit of weight.
  3. Break apart one box and place this under your car or keep this in the garage. Cardboard is great for determining leaks under vehicles, as well as being a help when crawling under vehicles for a pad of protection between you and the ground below.
  4. Use these boxes to make a magical kingdom for kids in the backyard. They are going to love this!
  5. Use cardboard as a protective layer on your new floor when the kids are doing crafts.
  6. Flatten the cardboard box and turn this into a sled that can be used on a grassy hill. Who said you had to wait until it snowed to go sledding?

Those leftover boxes don’t have to be another chore for you. If you have kids, they will love these. But, for adults, there is always a time in which you wish that you had some extra cardboard lying around. So, before you decide to drive these boxes somewhere to be recycled, think about the future! And if you are ready to move in the area, Excel Moving is here for all your moving needs!


3 Things You Don’t Need to Move


While the majority of times, the advice is catered towards what you need to do and what you need to move, many people don’t realize there are some things that you need to leave behind. Why move these items when they are not worth your time? They are going to add extra weight to the truck, which results in a higher price for your overall move. Here are a few things that you can toss into the trash, give away or donate before moving, as they are not worth your time to move!

Those Unwanted Things

We all have them, those things that we would be okay if they were lost or destroyed. If you feel about these items like this, then why bother with moving these? Instead, donate these somewhere. You never know when those things that are outdated to you are going to be loved by someone else! Remember this, if you move these items, then they are just going to be taking up space in your new place as well!

Have Kids? Don’t Move those Broken Toys

For those who have kids, they know that there are always those toys that are no longer working as they should, they are completely broke and need to see the inside of a trash can or the kid has outgrown these toys. In these cases, take a garbage bag and go to town. Throw away those toys and items that are broken and damaged. Toys that have been outgrown, donate.

Why Move That Bubble TV?

There are several people who have those extra TV’s that are sitting around their homes, such as those bubble TV’s that are taking up a corner in their storage room or basement. Why move these outdated electronics? There are several stores and centers that welcome people to drop off these outdated electronics for recycling. For example, BestBuy is known to allow a person to drop off up to 3 electronic items per household, per day to be recycled.


For those who are ready to move, remember to let Excel Moving know what day you need to move and talk with them about the move itself. WE can make your move so much easier!



Moving Outdoor Items: Tips for Success


When moving, most people focus on packing up their home. However, what about those outdoor pieces that you want to take with you? Contrary to what most people think, you can move these items. The only restriction would be if you sold your home and these items were requested by the buyers to be left behind. If this is not a situation that you are facing, then we can help with moving these items as well. However, we have a few tips to make this move flawless and easy for everyone involved!

  1. Clean these pieces up, as you don’t want to pack up dirty items. It may seem odd to clean these, but trust us, when you arrive at your new home and those patio chairs are clean, you are going to appreciate this!
  2. Be sure to check items for bugs like spiders and the like. You don’t want to put these items into the truck and find that these creepie crawly bugs make their way into your other boxes!
  3. Dismantle swing sets to save room. This can be said of other outdoor items like playhouses and bulky toys. Kids love these, and you don’t have to leave these behind!

Remember, some items that you may have sitting in your garage cannot be moved, such as paint tins, oil or pesticides. You can move items like lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and the like, if the gas has been removed so these are not leaking during a move, for your safety.

Just because these items are outdoors, does not mean that you cannot take these into your new home! Here at Excel, we want your move to be stress-free, along with going above and beyond your previous moving experiences!


Can You Afford a Move?


If you are ready to move, the question you need to ask yourself, can you afford this? This is especially true for those who are renting their homes. For those who are buying a home, they are going to find that financially they have different priorities. So, for those who are renting a new home, how much money should you be saving before deciding that a move is the right option? This truly depends. Here at Excel, we want everyone to be ready for their move. Not only do we want to provide you with tips and hints to make the packing and moving work, we also want you to be financially prepared for this move.

How Much Should You Save to Afford your Move?

Those who are renting are in a unique situation. They are going to be paying rent, while still trying to make the move to a new location. Saving money can become hard when still paying rent and utilities where you are still living. However, the good rule of thumb that most financial advisors give is that the person must save at least 3 months of expenses before they move. Why is this? Consider all the items that they are going to have to pay for a new rental:

  1. First and last month rent as a security deposit or another security deposit amount.
  2. Pet fees if they have a pet and are moving into a home that requires this.
  3. Deposits for turning on your utilities.
  4. Cleaning fees for the home that you are moving out of.

And you also must consider that you are needing to hire your professional movers as well.

How to Save Money with Movers

Now that we know how much money you should be saving, we want to give you a few tips that can help you save money when moving with our professionals. Here at Excel we pride ourselves on giving fair and low rates to those who utilize our service. We want to help your move to be stress-free and something that you do not dread doing again! Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Be sure to declutter! The fewer boxes you must move, the lower your rate is going to be!
  2. Try to move when others are not. This way you may find that rates are lowered since the demand for services is not as high. Of course, this is often out of your control. When you need to move, you simply need to move.
  3. Consider selling some of those items that you are not using. This way you get a few extra bucks for your move!

When you are ready to move, have saved up the money for your new rental home, be sure to give us a call. We are here to help you with your move, whether you rent or buy, Excel is here for your needs.

feel at home

5 Tips to Feel at Home in your New House

feel at home

The movers have dropped off the boxes, and now you are standing in your new house, staring at all that needs to be done. Right now, the house may not feel like home. In fact, you may be questioning why in the world you moved in the first place! However, with these tips, you can make this house feel like home sooner!

  1. Turn on the music!

Crank up the tunes! Not only is this going to make the unpacking process fly by. And music has been proven to help in relieving stress.

  1. Unpack big things first.

Be sure to unpack those larger items first. These items include the furniture, lamps and those things that you need to put together. You will find that having these big things up in the house will make it easier to unpack those smaller items.

  1. Make up the bed.

Make up the bed with sheets and your comforter. This way you have somewhere to sleep once the night rolls around. And you will find that this can help you relax, even if you have more boxes to unpack.

  1. Unpack those homey items.

There are items throughout your old home that made it feel like home. Be sure to unpack these items so that your new space is going to feel like home sooner! Whether this is a familiar painting or family photos on the walls, it is these little touches that make a home.

  1. Make the bathroom perfect!

Be sure to focus some time on the bathroom. Hang the shower curtains, unpack the towels and your toiletry items, as having a place to take a shower and then getting into the bed will make this house feel like home within a few minutes!

For those who are ready to move, remember, Excel Moving is here for your moving needs!