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How Can You Make your Move Easier?

move easier

For those who are preparing for a move, what can you do on your end to make this move easier? That is the question that many people ask. After all, moving can be difficult. Once you have scheduled your move with us here at Excel Moving, you can rest assure that you have already taken a major step in making your move easier. Aside from using our services, there are a few other things that you can do to make your next move easier.

  1. Don’t save packing for until the last minute. If you do, you are going to find that it can be even harder in the long run.
  2. Ensure that all your boxes are labeled correctly to make unpacking easier.
  3. Be sure that you take some time to decompress after you move. You can avoid a lot of stress from moving if you simply take some time to relax. If you have designated a box for your first day in a new home, then you can decompress for at least one day before unpacking.
  4. Get assistance when you need it. Don’t get at this alone. If you need help unpacking, then hire professionals to make this happen!
  5. Take a few hours before moving to transfer your address on insurance, mail and the like. This way you are completely covered in your new home.
  6. If your move has come as a surprise, realize that there are going to be a few times in which you may miss your old home. This is normal. But, be sure that you are taking the time to deal with these feelings so that you can be fully on board with your new home!

In the end, moving does not have to be the stressful situation that you imagine it to be. For many, once they use these tips, you are going to find that the move becomes something that is just another activity in your life that you need to do!


Moving: The Little Things to Remember


After your move, chances are you are excited and nervous about your new neighborhood. For those who are moving with more than just themselves, this time can also be hectic and downright stressful. It is not surprising that many people forget those small things when they move. However, it is these small things that can make your move just a little easier on everyone. With this being said, we have outlined some of those little things that you may forget, to help remind you to get these in order once the boxes have been dropped off and you are unpacking!

  1. Always notify your insurance companies of your new address and the fact that you moved. You never know, with your auto insurance this could mean your premium lowers slightly, especially if you moved into an area that is not as high traffic!
  2. Make sure that your bank knows your new address, and this also includes your credit card companies as well.
  3. Order new checks, if you use them, with your updated address on these. If your address on your check is not updated, don’t be surprised if they are not accepted everywhere.
  4. Order a lot online? Then be sure to check and ensure that your saved addresses have changed. After all, you don’t want your new package going to your old home!
  5. Be sure that you update your license, and this is usually something that you are required to do within the first 30 days of moving to a new location. Otherwise, if you were to get pulled over, you could get fined for this.
  6. If you have medication prescriptions, then be sure to get these transferred to your local pharmacy so it will be easier to pick these up.
  7. Change your address on those magazines and other items you receive monthly in the mail. Luckily, these items usually have a small postcard to fill out inside of them for this reason.

When you are having to remember where everything is at, change utilities and the like, it is easy to forget some of these smaller things that are not impacting your move right now. However, with this list, hopefully you can get your move into a new home off to the right start. And remember, having professionals like Excel Moving handle your move, can give you more time to focus on those little things!


packing party

A Packing Party for Moving

packing party

When moving, it is a hectic time. There are tons of things that you are trying to do, such as find a new place, say goodbye to those who you may be leaving behind, pack your belongings, organize the shipping of your items and the like. There is no wonder that many people feel overwhelmed when moving time does come around. One of the biggest complaints that people have when they move is that they did not get the time that they had hoped to say goodbye to loved ones and friends in the area. The good news is that there is a unique way to combine moving and a goodbye party all in one: packing parties.

What is a Packing Party?

Basically, a packing party is a way to have your cake and eat it too. How many people who have moved in the past feel as though they have to choose between spending time with friends who they may be leaving behind and getting prepared for their move? A packing party is the answer to this. This is a party that you throw in honor of moving. Everyone will come to your home and help you pack up your belongings. It is a huge help, as it makes the packing process go much faster, and it can be tons of fun since you are spending time with friends, remembering the good times and planning your future.

Tips for a Perfect Packing Party

For those who are going to throw a packing party, here are some tips to ensure that this is going to be a huge help to your moving adventure and is also going to be tons of fun for you!

  1. Order in food to ensure that you do not have to cook and these utensils can be packed.
  2. Use paper plates and cups, along with plastic silverware so that you can pack these items up as well.
  3. Ensure that you have tons of boxes, tape, markers, and other packing materials since you are going to have everyone working on this at the same time.
  4. Make a day of this and at night, you can all go out if you so choose to celebrate one more night together.
  5. Have this packing party close to your moving day, a couple of days beforehand is often recommended.
  6. Have some music playing in the background, as work that is tedious and often boring goes better when there is music involved.
  7. Avoid inviting too many people as this can make the packing take even longer than normal.

Moving does not have to be a solitary event. Having a packing party with your friends, and then once packed, call us here at Excel Moving to get your items to their new location safe and sound.


Items to Avoid Packing


We have spent a lot of time discussing what to pack and how to pack this. But, there are a few things that you are going to want to ensure that you are not packing. It seems simple enough to throw everything into a box and sort through it later. However, when you are having a moving company deal with your belongings, there are a few papers that you are not going to want to pack. To do so, could mean that your move turns into an even more stressful event that causes a headache and delays. In addition, there are a few personal items that you should not pack, and instead keep this on you at all times.

Your Moving Papers

The moving papers that you get from a company like Excel is going to detail the contract between you and the moving company. This contract is your lifeline when it comes to the company moving you. The information that is detailed in the contract includes the boxes being moved, the prices, the destination time frame of receiving your items and the like. You will also receive paperwork that tells you what to do if something goes wrong, such as if something were to get broken, which is not likely when using Excel for your moving needs.

Always Keep your Medications

Always keep your medications on you. There have been cases in which moving deliveries happen a few days after the initial pack up and loading into the truck. Thus, you do not want to be a few days without those medications that may be helping your life. Too many times, people throw their medications into a box with their bathroom items and then realize when it is too late that they packed up something very important.

Many people would argue that you should keep family pictures and momentous with you instead of letting a company move these. However, here at Excel we treat your belongings just as we would our own. Thus, family pictures, art work, and those with priceless items can be moved safely by our company with no worries.


A Checklist for Your Upcoming Move


Any more, whether this is large or small, is going to have its own level of stress associated with it. However, one of the key components of getting through any move is to ensure that you are preparing for your move in the proper method. That is why we have created a checklist of items that you are going to want to have on hand, along with things you need to know, before your move.

  1. Have enough packing supplies on hand

These packing supplies will include:

  • Cardboard boxes of numerous sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Fresh newspaper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Box cutter
  • Permanent markers for labeling
  1. Start packing in a logical manner

Be sure that you are packing in a logical manner so that the packing will go smoother. Consider these tips:

  • Pack those offseason things first
  • Then go to the storage items you may need to pack
  • Rooms that are not in use
  • As time gets closer, start packing those everyday items that you can do without until everything is packed
  1. Lists are helpful

It is helpful to have lists of things that you need to do before the move. For example, make a list of who to contact before your big move, of other things to do such as change of address, and whatever other items you need to do. These lists can make your move that much more organized.

Remember, the more prepared you are for your move, you are going to find that it goes smoother. Every checklist out there is going to be different, as the list is going to contain different items that are of importance to that person. In the end, moving is difficult. But, if you use a professional mover like Excel Moving you will find that your move will be that much easier!

military move

Military Moves: The Unique Stress that Goes Along with These

military move

For those who are in the military, they may not have as much notice as a normal person when it comes to moving. Therefore, they are in a unique situation. The good news is that we have several tips that can help a military family to make this move easier!

One of the biggest issues with  military moves are that you may know you need to make the move in a month from now, or it may just be a few days. This all really depends on where the military member is going and how soon they are needed. For some people, this move could be to a military base that is only a few hundred miles away, while others may find their move to be on the other side of the United States. Here are a few tips that can make the stress a bit easier to handle:

  1. Every time you move, try to keep it simple with what you are moving. Having too many items when you are moving like this can make for an even more hectic move! Due to military moves being often, this is a great time to ensure that you are not keeping a lot of items you no longer need or want.
  2. Label everything with your name and the like so that the belongings are going to get back to you. This is especially important if you opt to let a company move you, while they may be moving a few other military families as well.
  3. Keep an inventory list. One of the most common complaints military members have is that they do not get all of their items once they are moved. If you have an inventory list of what you have packed, you will have a higher success rate of getting all of your items.
  4. If you have children, be sure that you are preparing them as best as you can for this move. It can be hard on children having to move frequently, as they often do in the military. But, the more prepared you make them, the more they will learn how to handle this.

For those who are ready to move and need assistance, Excel Moving is here for your needs. Whether you are civilian, or military, we can help make your move easier!

moving while pregnant

Tips for Moving While Pregnant

moving while pregnant

One unique moving situation is when a couple is expected a child and decide to move during this time. For example, some couples who are expecting realize that their current home is simply not big enough, so they decide to move. However, there are some special considerations to take when you are moving while pregnant. Whether you are two months along or ready to deliver any day now, the following tips can prove to be helpful during this move!

Still Take Care of Yourself

It can be tempting to try to get everything sorted now and move. However, now that you are pregnant, you need to take care of yourself, as you are living for the baby. Therefore, take breaks when packing items and eat healthy meals. This may mean that you have to start packing and sorting several weeks in advance, but your health is more important right now!

Be Sure to Set up A Doctor in Your New Area

If you are moving to a new area, be sure that you have set up a doctor to use. You will want to go ahead and have records and the like transferred to them so that they can see you as soon as possible when you get into your new home.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

This is extremely important. You are going to want to avoid the heavy lifting as this can put too much pressure onto your body. And for those women who are ready to deliver in the next month or so, picking up heavy items can actually bring on labor faster. SO delegate your lifting to others who are helping. Or simply use a professional packing service for even better results.

The Nursery Gets Set Up First

Be sure that you are setting up the nursey first in your new home, then working on other rooms in the home. This way you are prepared for the baby, whenever he or she decides to make their debut.

Be Sure to leave your Baby Bag Out When Packing

If you are close to it being time to go to the hospital, be sure that you leave your baby bag unpacked and ready to go. Keep this with you in your car, rather than letting the movers put this in their truck. This way, in the unlikely event that you need while in the midst of a move, you have it with you.

Moving while pregnant, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, is not always easy. There are going to be times in which you are cranky and simply want a nap. Our best advice is to put yourself first, and use as many other helpers out there that you can get, which does include professional packers and professional movers like Excel Moving. In the end, you will be happy that you did!

goods delivery

Methods for Passing the Time While Waiting on Goods Delivery

goods delivery

In a perfect world, when we move, we would arrive at our new home and our belongings would be waiting on us. However, that is not always the case. Many times, when move long distances, there is a delay in getting your belongings to you. Many times these delays are due to numerous customers going in this direction, hence moving companies put their items on the truck as well as a way to save gas. And the savings in gas is passed back to you. So what are you supposed to do while waiting for your items to arrive at your new home?

We have a few ideas that many people have suggested to us when we delivered their belongings, as well as our personal experiences of dealing with this type of situation. Remember, this period of time does not have to be one in which you are stressed and unhappy. While you may not have any of your belongings, you should have your personal bag that includes all the essentials. You can pass the time by:

  1. Get to know your new area. There is nothing to unpack yet, so instead of sitting in your new home staring at the wall, get to know your new area. Walk the neighborhood, talk to people who are out, find the best parks, best places to eat and the like.
  2. Making any changes to your new home? Now is the best time to slap up a fresh coating of pain if you want, since nothing is in the home, you can rest assure that paint is not going to get onto your belongings.
  3. Considering new furniture, look around. For those who are moving into their new home with the idea of getting new furniture, then go ahead and get these pieces while you wait for the rest of you belongs to arrive at your new home.
  4. For those with kids who are waiting on their belongings, make every night a campout night in the living room. Kids will love it, and since there is no television yet, you can tell stories, talk about the move and the changes to come, and simply reconnect after this long journey.
  5. Take this time to enjoy the peace and quiet, and the idea that there is nothing pressing for you to do. Taking this time to relax is one of the best pieces of advice and many people find it is just what they need.

If you are in the process of having your goods delivered to you after your move, don’t let this stress you out. Instead, put this waiting time to good use!


Tips for Moving into a Fixer Upper


There are several families who move into fixer upper homes. These are homes that often need a little tender, loving care in order to get back to the home that it once was. For many people, this is going to mean moving into the home that they are fixing up, rather than fixing up this home and living elsewhere. It can be difficult to live in a home that you are living in, however, for many people it is unavoidable. If this is the case, we have some tips that can help you decide just how to move into a fixer upper.

Perform Renovations in Order

If you are staying in a home while renovating, be sure that you are performing the renovations in order that makes sense. You do not want to end up doing more work and taking more time when you are doing renovations. For example, if the home needs to be re-wired, do this before you repaint the walls. Likewise, if you need to replace the floors, do this in a time in which the floors are less likely to become damaged.

Consider Consolidating your Belongings

One thing you don’t want to do is to have us move you into your new home, then find yourself constantly moving items around your home to make room for renovations to happen. What we recommend is that you put some items in a storage unit if possible. Those items that you are not going to use can always be stored for later. We can even help with delivering and storing these things into the storage unit for you. You may find it easier to perform renovations when not having to move room after room while working on these renovations.

Practice Patience

When you decide to live in a home that you are renovating, you are going to find that it will require patience. There are going to be times in which you wonder why you even moved to this home. However, rest assure that once you have the home of your dreams, the move will pay off!



Is it Cheaper to Move Yourself or Use Professionals?


This is one question that many people ask. However, when answering this, you have to consider more than just the actual dollar amounts that you would be paying a professional mover to come in and help to move your belongings. You also need to consider:

  • Your time
  • The physical toll that moving can take on the body
  • The stress that comes with moving

With this being said, let’s take a look at the different scenarios so that you can decide for yourself which is the best option.

Moving Yourself

For those who decide to move themselves, they need to take into consideration several aspects. We have highlighted some of the more typical expenses and needs associated with moving yourself:

  • Renting a truck or borrowing your friends trucks
  • Taking time off from work in order to pack items and load these onto the trucks, which could take several days for some people, meaning this could cost you hundreds of dollars in lost income
  • A few days after moving these items onto trucks and moving, your body may be paying for this in the form of pulled muscles, bruises, stiffness and overall being sore
  • If you have children, this may mean having to pay for daycare while you are trying to load and move boxes for their safety and your peace of mind

Typically, those who move themselves find that between packing, actually moving boxes onto vehicles, and then traveling to their new location, they could spend a few days moving a typical 3-bedroom home.

Letting the Professionals Handle the Move

When you let the professionals handle the move, you are going to find that there is very little that you have to do. You may have to dictate some things, such as which boxes need to stay with you and whatnot. However, in the end the movers are going to move the boxes, load their trucks, drive this to your new location and unload the boxes. In most cases, these moves are completed within a day if moving within the same city.

So which would you rather do? Spend your entire day doing back breaking work, or leave this to the professionals? If a move were a car, you wouldn’t do the work yourself, you would let the professionals handle the work. So consider Excel Moving the next time you are moving!