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properly packing

Tips for Properly Packing For a Move

properly packing

One of the biggest hassles when moving, is packing up your belongings and getting these ready to be moved. It is the one action that most people dread. Not only can this be time consuming, but many people discover that upon moving into their new home, several of the items that they had packed are broken or damaged in one form or another. For that reason, we have compiled a few tips to ensure that you are properly packing your belongings to get them to their new destination safely.

  1. Always label boxes that are fragile. This ensure that extra care is taken when these boxes are loaded and moved.
  2. Utilize bubble wrap around dishes, cups, or other breakables.
  3. Do not over pack a box. It is better to have less weight in a fragile box, as this reduces the chances of dropping this when picking it up. Aim for boxes that are below fifty pounds to ensure they can be lifted with ease.
  4. For pictures, wrap these in bubble wrap and consider wrapping these in a towel within the box for extra padding.
  5. Try to keep items together in a room, as this will help to reduce the time that it takes to unpack.
  6. Consider using sheets or blankets in various boxes for extra padding to ensure they are safely moved.
  7. Important documents should be kept with you, rather than put into a box for your movers. This way, you know you have this information if you need it.
  8. If you use garbage bags for packing clothing or other soft items, utilize strong bags that are not going to rip. However, if using a moving company like Excel, boxes are often preferred as they can be arranged much easier in a moving truck.

There are tons of tips out there about how to easily and efficiently pack a box. Those that we have compiled here give you the fundamentals. Have any neat tips to share? If so, let us know! And remember that when moving in the North or South Carolina area, that Excel Moving is here for you!

Ways to Help Us Make your Move Easier

moving 2

Here at Excel, we have helped thousands of people move into their new homes. For those who have never used movers before, they will find that with movers, the process becomes simplified. We handle the load of the move, and ensure that it gets to your new home safely and intact. You simply have to be at the home to meet us for the delivery and unloading. With this being said, we have compiled tips that you can utilize to ensure that the move is going to go over well when using movers for your next move!

Make your Move Easier Tips

  1. Always confirm the times that the moving crew will pick-up and drop off. The bulk majority of issues are due to miscommunication of these times.
  2. Be sure to detail all those big items that you have that will need to be moved. These types of items may require special tools or hardware to move, and if we know ahead of time, you can ensure that we will come prepared to handle this task.
  3. Be completely honest about the size of home that is going to be moved, and the number of items that you have. This is going to affect how many movers, along with the size of the truck that is brought to complete the job.
  4. Ensure that boxes are packed and ready to move the day in which the movers arrive. This can make things much easier, and ensure that everything is completed on time.
  5. Be sure that you take the time to make an inventory of what you are moving. In most cases, the moving company that you are using is going to compile a list of box numbers, and a brief description of weight or even contents. It is just as important that you make this same list so that you are protected during and after a move.

If you are looking to move, be sure that you are doing your homework and realize just how helpful a moving company can be. For local moves, a move that would normally take a day or two for friends or family to help with, a moving company can accomplish this in one day.

For those who are moving in the South Carolina or the North Carolina area, then Excel Moving is here for you. Contact us today to get a quote and get started on getting into your new home peacefully.