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Tips to Move Quicker

move quicker

Moving is an activity that we all want to finish quickly. After all, the sooner you finish this move, the sooner you can start your life in your new home. With this being said, we have come up with a few tips that are meant to help you to achieve the fastest move that is possible in terms of packing and then moving your belongings.

  1. Call the professionals to move your belongings

This is perhaps one of the best time saving tips that you can get. Here at Excel Moving, we are all about moving your belongings in a timely manner and with efficiency.

  1. Clear your schedule

If you want to move in a speedy manner, then be sure that you clear your schedule so that you can devote your time to packing boxes and the like. If you have numerous things to do, chances are the move is going to drag out over the course of several days.

  1. Get your supplies beforehand

Having all your tape, packing boxes, pens/markers, bubble wrap, packing paper and whatever else you may need for packing items. If you have these beforehand, you do not have to quit what you are doing in order to get these items.

  1. Having a packing station

To get the best out of your packing, have a packing station that is going to have everything that you could possibly need in the packing station. You will find it much easier to pack boxes, and move these to the packing station to tape up and label.

  1. Ask for help

If you have to be out of your home in a hurry, be sure that you ask for help. Recruit friends and family members to help with the packing, as just about anyone can pack a box. Just be sure that everyone labels these boxes appropriately so that you have ease with unpacking.

If you have a move coming up that needs to be completed quickly, be sure that you follow these tips. You will find that moving quickly is possible. You simply have to focus and forgo other activities during this time so that your entire attention is devoted to your move. In the end, it will result in a move that is quick and painless.


Can you Make Money When You Move?


There are tons of people out there who state how they made a few hundred dollars when they moved. How are they doing this? In most cases, they are selling those items that they no longer need and are willing to part with before their move. This is a great idea, as it means less that you have to move, and it also means a bit of extra change in your pocket. We have compiled some of the more common methods for making a bit of money before and after your move!

Sell those Moving Boxes

Believe it or not, there are companies that will pay you from those moving boxes that you have used. The box is going to have to be in fairly good condition, and this can lower the amount of items that you may be throwing in the trash. There are several companies who buy these for a few cents on the dollar, and then sell these to others who are looking to move. It is a great way to recycle rather than simply trash these.


Consignment shops can be a great way to get furniture that you no longer want, out of the way and still make some cash on this. The way in which consignments do this is that they will give you a cut for whatever the selling price is of the couch. In most cases, they will have this couch in their store for people to see, so it is out of your way. And it can make you money, it may be a while, but it will come!

Sell Items Online with a Website

There are several websites in which offer you the chance to list your own items and sell these. You can start doing this months before your move, so that you are clearing out those items that you no longer need. For example, selling old books and movies on eBay, may get you a few dollars for books and movies that you no longer need. It may not be much, but in the end, you are going to find that it gets these items out of your way.

Donations can be Tax Deductible

Let’s say that you are not comfortable with selling your used items on eBay or other methods, you can simply donate these items as well. If you donate to a company that is recognized by the IRS, you can get a tax deduction for this, which can make you a bit of money in the long run.

Remember, these methods are not going to make you rich. However, they will help to get rid of those items that you no longer need. For those who are moving in the North or South Carolina area, be sure to remember Excel Moving!

moving day

What to Expect on Moving Day

moving day

One of the most common questions that people have when they decide to use a professional mover. Moving day is already a stressful day with the actual act of switching homes and getting your items out of the current location. When you factor in having professional movers come into your home and move you, the stress levels can start going through the roof with wondering what you to expect. We have compiled together a few tips and information to help you to get more prepared for moving day.

  1. Your movers will around at the time that was specified. So you do not have to worry about movers showing up before you are ready. When you call Excel Moving we are going to give you a window of time when the movers will be at your residence to pick up your belongings. This will give you a time and date as to when you need to be finished with packing.
  2. Movers will pack your belongings to the truck to load, they will be using dolly’s, carrying these boxes and the like. At this point, you will find it best to simply step out of the way and let these movers do their job. You will notice that they go about packing up your home according to the space on the truck and the best way to fit all of your items without wasting space.
  3. As the movers have started to empty rooms, take this time to clean up the room and ready it for the next family that will be leaving in the home. This is especially important for those who are renting and will need to have a move out inspection.
  4. Once the crew has packed all of your boxes and belongings onto their truck, they will give a time of delivery for your items at your new home. You will need to sign off that you will be present at your new location at the given time so that your items can be unloaded and put into your new home.

Here are a few other things to remember about moving day:

  • The time in which it will take your movers to put your items into the truck and be on their way is going to depend on the size of the house and the belongings that you have. In most cases, a couple of hours is all that is needed when moving a standard sized home.
  • The process will go much faster if you do not interfere with what items you want packed next and the like. Movers have a way of loading items to get maximum use of the truck space that they have.

In the end, when you use movers, you will find that the process is much easier than if you were to do this on your own. This is one of the many benefits of using a professional moving company like Excel Moving.

interesting items

Moving those Interesting Items Safely and Securely

interesting items

With the number of years that we have in the moving industry, needless to say we have seen some interesting items that we have moved in the past. It is these interesting items that always require a bit more care and concern to move, as we want to ensure that they get to their new location in pristine condition.

We have compiled some of the more interesting items that have been moved in the past by ourselves and others, and how to pack these items for safe transport!

A Human Skeleton

Believe it or not, several people who have been in the moving industry for years often come across one of these. For younger people, sometimes the human skeleton is a great conversation starter. While in many cases, it is used for educational purposes. Whatever the reason for having it in your home, it can be a real job to move this in one piece. If not properly cared for, you could find bones missing and broken connections, meaning that your skeleton will never be the same again. In order to prevent this, wrap the more delicate bones with bubble wrapping and cardboard, and do this from the top to the bottom!

Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

This is one of those items that are seen in several homes, and while most people think you can just shove it anywhere, it can become damaged and never really stand up on its own anymore. The best advice is to place this between box springs and a mattress to allow it to be stored and moved properly.

Amazing Aquariums

Several people have huge aquariums, full of fish and the like. Though, we won’t move the fish for you, we can move the aquarium. The fish are considered pets, so you will need to take care of this. However, in order to move an aquarium, it will require as much care, if not more, than if we were to be moving a large plasma television. Mirror boxes come in handy as they are designed for glass, and this is what we will utilize in order to store this properly and then handle this with care.

Large Indoor Trees

We have seen some beautiful homes with indoor trees that are very large in size. When these are to be moved, it brings about a whole list of issues. For one, these trees are often very susceptible to temperature change and can become damaged in this way. And two, sometimes these are so large, it is easy for trees and smaller limbs to become broken. So how can you avoid this? Professionals recommend wrapping the delicate leaves and branches in wet paper to ensure that the temperature change is not too much. We recommend bracing some of the weaker parts of the tree in cardboard, to give it more cushion for when it is moved.

No matter what you have to move, we can help here at Excel Moving. Just contact us to start discussing your move!

professional movers

Why Choose Professional Movers?

professional movers

When many people are moving, they often tackle this task on their own. They believe that they are saving tons of money and that the time that they are spending is well worth it. However, the truth of the matter, professional movers are usually the best move for a move. Whether this move is just around the block or across the state, professional movers offer several benefits to you!

Time Management Benefits

Most people who are moving to a new home are going to be pressed for time as it is. They may be starting a new job, leaving their old job, and still have to find the time to move. A professional moving company can come in and get you to your new home, while you are devoting your time to the new start of your life. Even better, most people who use professional movers during their move find that the time for moving is greatly reduced compared to if they were to do this move on their own. For example, it may take you and a few of your friends two or three days to make the move completely. With professional movers, loading boxes can be completed in a few hours. Unloading can take the same amount of time, thus saving you several hours, and possibly days.

Ease your Anxiety

With a professional mover, everything is taken care of for you. You do not have to worry about getting the truck to move, finding people to help with carrying boxes or the like. This can be a huge relief for most people, and help to ease the anxiety that they may have about moving in general.

More Cost Effective

Though most people think the idea of using a professional mover is going to cost them more in the long run, that is not actually true. In most cases, if the person were to average how much they spend in gas, food to feed those who helped move boxes, their time for moving items back and forth, among other items they may have purchased, they will find that they often break even. Or if it is a bit cheaper, is the savings really worth the stress, anxiety and time that you have spent on doing this on your own?

Professional movers are your answer when moving. It is simply the best solution for those who do not have the time or mental strength to deal with this big change at the moment.