moving with kids

Moving with Kids? Ideas to Make Moving Fun!!

moving with kids

For those who are moving with kids, they are facing even more challenges than those who are moving who do not have children. Let’s face it…kids get bored with moving. They may not only get bored, but they may also act out, especially if they are not excited about the move. The good news is that you can prepare your little one for a move, and even make this move be fun with these tips!

Get Them Excited about the Move

Probably one of the hardest obstacles to get around is a child who does not want to move. However, there are a few things that you can do that may make the move a bit easier, and make moving day go much more smoothly:

  1. Allow your kids to throw a going away party with their close friends if they are moving a great distance away.
  2. Let kids prepare for their new rooms by choosing new paint colors or even bedding to go into this room, as it makes them feel more a part of the process.
  3. Explain to the kids why you are moving, be sure to point out the benefits of this move!
  4. Let the kids be involved in the house hunting process so they are more comfortable with the move.

Always Stay Positive when Moving with Kids

It can be frustrating to pack everything into boxes, label these boxes and the like. However, do not let your frustration get the best of you! Your kids are going to pick up on this and it can lead them to act out. Instead, stay positive. Make the moving experience one that is full of hope for the future and the excitement of going on a new adventure.

Make a Game out of Packing and Unpacking Boxes

Let the kids help in packing and unpacking boxes if at all possible. You can make this into a game in which the kids have to pack up their belongings for a magical journey to a new and better home. Even better, many parents have found that if they hide a little treasure at the bottom of boxes, unpacking time goes a lot faster.

Make New Rituals

Once you are moved into your new home, make new rituals that are going to make the house feel like a home. For example, have a campout in the floor the first night complete with the kid’s favorite movie. Or find the closest park or new restaurant that the family can go to together. The idea is to start making great memories as soon as possible so the move is one that is accepted!

Moving with kids can be hectic. However, with our moving services, you can make sure that the move is not one that is drawn out for days and weeks.

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