Moving: The Little Things to Remember


After your move, chances are you are excited and nervous about your new neighborhood. For those who are moving with more than just themselves, this time can also be hectic and downright stressful. It is not surprising that many people forget those small things when they move. However, it is these small things that can make your move just a little easier on everyone. With this being said, we have outlined some of those little things that you may forget, to help remind you to get these in order once the boxes have been dropped off and you are unpacking!

  1. Always notify your insurance companies of your new address and the fact that you moved. You never know, with your auto insurance this could mean your premium lowers slightly, especially if you moved into an area that is not as high traffic!
  2. Make sure that your bank knows your new address, and this also includes your credit card companies as well.
  3. Order new checks, if you use them, with your updated address on these. If your address on your check is not updated, don’t be surprised if they are not accepted everywhere.
  4. Order a lot online? Then be sure to check and ensure that your saved addresses have changed. After all, you don’t want your new package going to your old home!
  5. Be sure that you update your license, and this is usually something that you are required to do within the first 30 days of moving to a new location. Otherwise, if you were to get pulled over, you could get fined for this.
  6. If you have medication prescriptions, then be sure to get these transferred to your local pharmacy so it will be easier to pick these up.
  7. Change your address on those magazines and other items you receive monthly in the mail. Luckily, these items usually have a small postcard to fill out inside of them for this reason.

When you are having to remember where everything is at, change utilities and the like, it is easy to forget some of these smaller things that are not impacting your move right now. However, with this list, hopefully you can get your move into a new home off to the right start. And remember, having professionals like Excel Moving handle your move, can give you more time to focus on those little things!


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