Moving? Don’t Forget These Items on your To-Do List!


When you are packing your things for a move, chances are you are focused on the actual items in your home that need to be moved. You are not alone in thinking like this. After all, we are concerned about getting our furniture moved, our knick-knacks packed and insulated, those everyday items in your home, and getting the pets and kids settled into a new home. Due to the number of things that you may be focused on, there is a huge chance you are forgetting some very important items to do before you move. And for those who are moving a long distance, it could mean a trip back to your previous home if you were to forget these items.

  1. Does your current bank have a branch in the area that you are moving to? If not, then you need to take the time to go to the bank and explain that you will be switching institutions and get this process started so you do not find yourself stranded in your new location with no access to your money!
  2. Move your medical prescriptions to a new local pharmacy. You may have to sign release forms for these prescriptions to be transferred to a new pharmacy, which you need to do now.
  3. Do you go to a gym? If the gym does not have a local location in your new area, then cancel this membership now. You are more than likely not going to drive to your old location in order to go to the gym.
  4. If you have children, be sure that you pick up copies of their school records so that you can be ready for their new year in a new school at a new home.

Too many times when people move, they are so absorbed in the moving process, it is these little things that they forget. And when they forget these, it can slow down the unpacking phase, and getting accustomed to your new location.  Don’t forget to let Excel Moving help with your move to make this even easier on you!

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