The Emotional Side of Moving


When we move, we often focus on the logistics of this move.  We worry about the moving company arriving on time, about your belongings getting to your new home and the process of doing all of this in a very small amount of time. It can be nerve racking. But, did you know that part of the reason that you may feel stress is due to the emotional issues that often arise when you move? Most people do not realize that moving can be such an emotional experience, but it is most definitely one of the more emotional events of your life, especially if you have lived at your location for several years and have experienced several life events in this area. With this being said, here are a few tips to deal with the emotions that may arise when you move!

  1. Be ready to shed a few tears if you are someone who cries when they are emotional. There is no shame in this at all!
  2. Take some time to say goodbye to the home that you have known, this is especially important if you have grown up in this home as a family or the like.
  3. Consider a small going away party at your home for everyone to say their goodbyes.
  4. Talk to small children about why you are moving and when you are moving to prepare them for this change.
  5. Be sure that as part of the emotional process you visit your new area, and introduce yourself to what your new area has to offer you.

Moving is an emotional process, but it does not have to be an event that you remember with dissatisfaction and stress. Utilizing a moving company can help lower the stress of the move, and if you take our advice for dealing with the emotions, your move can be a very positive experience.

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