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move into Carolina

Move into Carolina: Mistakes to Avoid

move into Carolina

There are several people who decide to move into Carolina from out of state, or even from across the other side of the country. When this is the case, this is a different type of move. These cross-country moves out or out of state moves require a bit more attention to detail, otherwise you will find that this process could turn into a huge headache in which half of your belongings are lost after the move. If you want your moving process to be easier, whether you are moving across the state, across the country or just across town, here are some mistakes that you are going to want to avoid!

Not Organizing your Items

If you are in a hurry to get everything packed, you may not organize your items as it should be. And this is going to be a huge issue when you go to unpack your belongings. Every box should be labeled per whichever room you are packing. Each box should contain like items, for example, clothing in one box, bedding, trinkets and the like.

Not Having the Proper Equipment for a Move into Carolina

For those who move into Carolina, having the proper equipment is a must have! Whether you need to move into South or North Carolina, you are going to find that the proper equipment can make this process go faster and be easier for everyone involved! Proper equipment can include the right materials to pack, along with a dolly to help move those larger items.

Not Having a Plan

Do you have a plan for the move into Carolina? Do you know a time frame? Do you know who can help you move? These are all important questions that need to be answered to make a plan for your future move into the Carolina’s. Be sure that you call Excel to see how we can help with your move into the area, we are professionals that can make this move stress free!


4 Activities that Will Involve Kids During a Move

moving process

For those who move with children, the recommended advice is to have your children go somewhere during the packing and moving process. While this is ideal, this is not always an option for some parents. So, what can these parents do? A great idea is to involve your kids in some way in the moving process. While this will greatly depend upon their age, there are several things that they can help to do. Not only is going to help you, but it makes them feel as though they are contributing. It can also help kids to feel as though this move may not be such a bad thing!

Encourage Kids to Pack Their Own Room

For those kids who are older, encouraging them to pack their own room is going to take a load of stress off you. However, remember that if they are younger, this could potentially turn into a nightmare. Be sure to outline a few rules such as keeping certain items together and not making the boxes too heavy for the kids. This way, they are being productive and helpful throughout the moving process!

Let Kids Help with Labeling Boxes

While younger kids may not be able to write on boxes, you can rest assure that they can stick color coded stickers to boxes that you may need. In fact, you may find that if your child sticks these boxes with color coded labels, there will be no mistaking what room that box belongs to. Let them put a color sticker on each side of the box if they want, it will simply make it easier when unpacking!

Let Kids Help with Final Clean Up

In most cases, when moving out of a home, you are going to do a final clean up, this is especially true with rental homes. Let your kids help with this. For example, most younger kids can run a vacuum with ease. Older kids can help with the more dangerous chores such as cleaning bathrooms or helping to mop floors.

The Final Walk Through

The final walk through once your boxes have been loaded onto the trucks is a great time for kids to help. For younger kids, tell them you are looking for some hidden treasures, and they need to make sure there is nothing left behind. Older kids, can simply be an extra pair of eyes looking for items that you may have forgotten to pack.

Remember, for a smooth move, whether you have kids or not, Excel Moving is here to help you!


Keeping Your Cool During a Move


What is most annoying about a move? For most people, it is not the move itself. In most cases, they are excited about the new home, the new neighborhood and the like. The most annoying fact is the move itself. So how can you keep your cool? We have a few tips that will allow you to keep your cool and to smoothly transition into your new life!

  1. Do not schedule a lot of things on moving day! We have seen too many people do this. Moving day is hectic enough without worrying about getting numerous things done. And if you try to do this, you are only going to be annoyed that you run out of time.
  2. Be prepared for issues that will arise. Too many people believe that since they are using a professional mover, the idea of having anything go wrong is nothing to worry about. However, realize that weather still affects professionals, and there are always those things that are out of our control.
  3. If the stress of packing gets to be too much, step away for a few moments. Take a walk around your neighborhood or simply sit down for a bit. If you are agitated while packing, you are going to find that the items are going to be unorganized and messy!
  4. Minimize those distractions such as the television running, checking your email constantly and the like while moving. This is only going to slow you down and could result in your move being postponed slightly. So, why do it?

In the end, keeping your cool during a move really all boils down to having the right kind of expectations. Remember, a professional moving company like Excel can give a better moving experience than if you were to try to do this on your own!