Why You Need to Declutter your Home


Many of us who are looking to move are not really worried about decluttering. Instead, our minds are focused on organizing the move. Getting the date for the movers to come, ensuring everything is packed and finding a new house to move into. However, decluttering is one of the main things that you should be doing before any move! Why is this?

  1. If you do have a home that you are trying to sell before a move, decluttering is going to allow you to only keep the bare minimum in the home. This gives the illusion of a blank slate to most potential buyers, increasing the chances of the person being interested and buying this!
  2. If you declutter now, there is less to pack. And if there are less boxes, you will have less to move in the long run! Remember, if you pack all the clutter, you must unpack this later!
  3. Decluttering can be a way to cleanse your life and start new. And for many people this is exactly the type of feeling that they want when they move into a new home!

Tips for Decluttering

With it being known just how important it is to declutter your home, here are a few tips to help you along the way!

  1. Look in your closet, if it has not been worn in the past year, toss it or donate it someone who may want to wear it weekly!
  2. Declutter one room at a time, and do not leave that room until you have taken out all the clutter,
  3. A new rule to put into your life, the “in-out rule”. This rules states that for every one new item you bring into a home, toss one old item out. This can be a great rule for when you do complete the decluttering.
  4. Ask yourself if you really need an item, if you hesitate, then chances are you do not need it!
  5. Have boxes set up for what you want to keep, toss, giveaway or donate. This will make the entire process a bit easier.
  6. Get everyone in the home involved. If you have a family, chances are you didn’t save all of this on your own, so get everyone involved in the process!

Decluttering may not be fun, but if you do this before a move, you are going to find that it allows the move to flow more smoothly. And remember, here at Excel Moving we have tools to help with the clutter, storage units to put items inside and of course, our dedicated moving services!

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