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Moving Outdoor Items: Tips for Success


When moving, most people focus on packing up their home. However, what about those outdoor pieces that you want to take with you? Contrary to what most people think, you can move these items. The only restriction would be if you sold your home and these items were requested by the buyers to be left behind. If this is not a situation that you are facing, then we can help with moving these items as well. However, we have a few tips to make this move flawless and easy for everyone involved!

  1. Clean these pieces up, as you don’t want to pack up dirty items. It may seem odd to clean these, but trust us, when you arrive at your new home and those patio chairs are clean, you are going to appreciate this!
  2. Be sure to check items for bugs like spiders and the like. You don’t want to put these items into the truck and find that these creepie crawly bugs make their way into your other boxes!
  3. Dismantle swing sets to save room. This can be said of other outdoor items like playhouses and bulky toys. Kids love these, and you don’t have to leave these behind!

Remember, some items that you may have sitting in your garage cannot be moved, such as paint tins, oil or pesticides. You can move items like lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and the like, if the gas has been removed so these are not leaking during a move, for your safety.

Just because these items are outdoors, does not mean that you cannot take these into your new home! Here at Excel, we want your move to be stress-free, along with going above and beyond your previous moving experiences!


Can You Afford a Move?


If you are ready to move, the question you need to ask yourself, can you afford this? This is especially true for those who are renting their homes. For those who are buying a home, they are going to find that financially they have different priorities. So, for those who are renting a new home, how much money should you be saving before deciding that a move is the right option? This truly depends. Here at Excel, we want everyone to be ready for their move. Not only do we want to provide you with tips and hints to make the packing and moving work, we also want you to be financially prepared for this move.

How Much Should You Save to Afford your Move?

Those who are renting are in a unique situation. They are going to be paying rent, while still trying to make the move to a new location. Saving money can become hard when still paying rent and utilities where you are still living. However, the good rule of thumb that most financial advisors give is that the person must save at least 3 months of expenses before they move. Why is this? Consider all the items that they are going to have to pay for a new rental:

  1. First and last month rent as a security deposit or another security deposit amount.
  2. Pet fees if they have a pet and are moving into a home that requires this.
  3. Deposits for turning on your utilities.
  4. Cleaning fees for the home that you are moving out of.

And you also must consider that you are needing to hire your professional movers as well.

How to Save Money with Movers

Now that we know how much money you should be saving, we want to give you a few tips that can help you save money when moving with our professionals. Here at Excel we pride ourselves on giving fair and low rates to those who utilize our service. We want to help your move to be stress-free and something that you do not dread doing again! Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Be sure to declutter! The fewer boxes you must move, the lower your rate is going to be!
  2. Try to move when others are not. This way you may find that rates are lowered since the demand for services is not as high. Of course, this is often out of your control. When you need to move, you simply need to move.
  3. Consider selling some of those items that you are not using. This way you get a few extra bucks for your move!

When you are ready to move, have saved up the money for your new rental home, be sure to give us a call. We are here to help you with your move, whether you rent or buy, Excel is here for your needs.

feel at home

5 Tips to Feel at Home in your New House

feel at home

The movers have dropped off the boxes, and now you are standing in your new house, staring at all that needs to be done. Right now, the house may not feel like home. In fact, you may be questioning why in the world you moved in the first place! However, with these tips, you can make this house feel like home sooner!

  1. Turn on the music!

Crank up the tunes! Not only is this going to make the unpacking process fly by. And music has been proven to help in relieving stress.

  1. Unpack big things first.

Be sure to unpack those larger items first. These items include the furniture, lamps and those things that you need to put together. You will find that having these big things up in the house will make it easier to unpack those smaller items.

  1. Make up the bed.

Make up the bed with sheets and your comforter. This way you have somewhere to sleep once the night rolls around. And you will find that this can help you relax, even if you have more boxes to unpack.

  1. Unpack those homey items.

There are items throughout your old home that made it feel like home. Be sure to unpack these items so that your new space is going to feel like home sooner! Whether this is a familiar painting or family photos on the walls, it is these little touches that make a home.

  1. Make the bathroom perfect!

Be sure to focus some time on the bathroom. Hang the shower curtains, unpack the towels and your toiletry items, as having a place to take a shower and then getting into the bed will make this house feel like home within a few minutes!

For those who are ready to move, remember, Excel Moving is here for your moving needs!


Tips for Avoiding Moving Errors


We all mistakes, but when it comes to moving, mistakes can end up costing you a lot! For example, it could result in postponing your move to another day, or even result in an injury if you are trying to do this on your own. The best way to prevent mistakes is to be prepared and educated on what the most common mistakes are and how you can avoid these!

Behind on Packing

What happens when you are behind on packing? You are going to feel even more stress and it could be movers cannot even move anything for you on the day you wanted. This can lead to all kinds of issues! Want to avoid this? Here are a few tips:

  • Have a packing timeline and follow this!
  • Do not waste time by not having what you need, get all the packing matorrals you may need.
  • Consider hiring professionals if you simply do not have the time devote to this.

“Quick” Tasks the Morning of the Move

Too many people do this: they leave those quick tasks for the morning the movers arrive. While you may think, this is quick, you would be surprised just how many quick tasks you end up having that take a lot more of your time than what you thought. It’s always best to be 100% ready for the day of your move. Don’t put off those tasks for later, do those now!

Forget the Essentials Box

Do not find yourself in the situation that you have packed your essentials and they are loaded onto the moving truck. The essentials box should be packed the night before the movers arrive. This way, you know it is there. Be sure to write DO NOT MOVE on this so that movers will not load this onto their truck. Or you can simply place this is a room that is designated as a no pack room.

Moving errors will happen. However, if you pay attention to these three tips you could find that your move goes much easier than you had thought! And if you work with Excel Moving, you can rest assure that we are here to make your move as error-free as we can!


Unpacking: Where to Start?


The move has happened, and now you are standing in your new home. Boxes are all around you and the home is empty. What now? Take a deep breath and a moment to enjoy the empty home and to get your mental state right. Once you release it…it’s time to get to work! Now is the time to unpack and get everything situated. For most people, this is overwhelming. After all, you may have tons of boxes and personal items that you need to unpack and get set up. This can be even more bothersome if you are facing a deadline for getting your items unpacked, such as if you are needing to get to work in a few days. So, where do you start?

Step 1: Bedding

You should always start with the bedding in a room. Unpack the mattress, sheets and comforters to ensure that you have somewhere comfortable to sleep tonight. Remember, once you have this done, most everything else tends to fall in place. If your entire family is unpacking, be sure that the beds are the first thing in each room. This way when night falls, everyone can feel more at home in their own bed!

Step 2: Dressers and Clothing

Dressers and clothing should be your next step. Most people have their necessity bag that contains a few changes of clothes in them for emergencies. However, if you do find that you must go to work or school in a few days, unpacking your regular clothes and putting these away in the closet or dressers is a must do! After all, no one want stop have to go through boxes to find clothing for work first thing Monday morning.

Step 3: Kitchen

The kitchen should be another room in which you pay attention to and do as soon as possible. Everyone must eat, and having something to eat on is going to be great! Even if you get a few pizzas that first night, having your familiar dinner plates can be relaxing and make this new house start to feel like home.

Step 4: Bathrooms

Bathrooms should have new towels and items in it so that you can take a shower once you are done unpacking a few rooms. Chances are you are going to be a bit on the dirty side, after all, moving is a strenuous activity.

Step 5: Prioritize the rest of the home

Once these areas are unpacked, be sure that you prioritize the rest of the home in terms of what should be unpacked and the like. Don’t forget to take the time to make a run to your local grocery store to stock the refrigerator and get those items that you may need to feel more at home!

If you are debating on whether you are ready to move or not, remember Excel Moving is here for your moving needs! Our expertise can make the process much easier!