Tips for Avoiding Moving Errors


We all mistakes, but when it comes to moving, mistakes can end up costing you a lot! For example, it could result in postponing your move to another day, or even result in an injury if you are trying to do this on your own. The best way to prevent mistakes is to be prepared and educated on what the most common mistakes are and how you can avoid these!

Behind on Packing

What happens when you are behind on packing? You are going to feel even more stress and it could be movers cannot even move anything for you on the day you wanted. This can lead to all kinds of issues! Want to avoid this? Here are a few tips:

  • Have a packing timeline and follow this!
  • Do not waste time by not having what you need, get all the packing matorrals you may need.
  • Consider hiring professionals if you simply do not have the time devote to this.

“Quick” Tasks the Morning of the Move

Too many people do this: they leave those quick tasks for the morning the movers arrive. While you may think, this is quick, you would be surprised just how many quick tasks you end up having that take a lot more of your time than what you thought. It’s always best to be 100% ready for the day of your move. Don’t put off those tasks for later, do those now!

Forget the Essentials Box

Do not find yourself in the situation that you have packed your essentials and they are loaded onto the moving truck. The essentials box should be packed the night before the movers arrive. This way, you know it is there. Be sure to write DO NOT MOVE on this so that movers will not load this onto their truck. Or you can simply place this is a room that is designated as a no pack room.

Moving errors will happen. However, if you pay attention to these three tips you could find that your move goes much easier than you had thought! And if you work with Excel Moving, you can rest assure that we are here to make your move as error-free as we can!

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