feel at home

5 Tips to Feel at Home in your New House

feel at home

The movers have dropped off the boxes, and now you are standing in your new house, staring at all that needs to be done. Right now, the house may not feel like home. In fact, you may be questioning why in the world you moved in the first place! However, with these tips, you can make this house feel like home sooner!

  1. Turn on the music!

Crank up the tunes! Not only is this going to make the unpacking process fly by. And music has been proven to help in relieving stress.

  1. Unpack big things first.

Be sure to unpack those larger items first. These items include the furniture, lamps and those things that you need to put together. You will find that having these big things up in the house will make it easier to unpack those smaller items.

  1. Make up the bed.

Make up the bed with sheets and your comforter. This way you have somewhere to sleep once the night rolls around. And you will find that this can help you relax, even if you have more boxes to unpack.

  1. Unpack those homey items.

There are items throughout your old home that made it feel like home. Be sure to unpack these items so that your new space is going to feel like home sooner! Whether this is a familiar painting or family photos on the walls, it is these little touches that make a home.

  1. Make the bathroom perfect!

Be sure to focus some time on the bathroom. Hang the shower curtains, unpack the towels and your toiletry items, as having a place to take a shower and then getting into the bed will make this house feel like home within a few minutes!

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