After the Move: What Do You Do with the Boxes?


The movers have left, they have unloaded your furniture exactly where you wanted it, they helped to get the electronics put back together for you, and made the process super easy. You unpack everything super-fast, and you are starting to feel like this new place is quickly becoming home. The only question you have: what are you supposed to do with all those moving boxes?

You can go the traditional route, break these down and then take these to the local recycling center. Or if you are feeling a bit more imaginative, we have a few things that you can do with these boxes that repurpose them. For those who have kids, you can make a great toy that they will enjoy for hours on end!

  1. Repurpose these boxes for the holiday season. How many people often find themselves running out of boxes for packing presents?
  2. Use one of these boxes to create an emergency kit for yourself and your family! These are strong and sturdy boxes that can hold quite a bit of weight.
  3. Break apart one box and place this under your car or keep this in the garage. Cardboard is great for determining leaks under vehicles, as well as being a help when crawling under vehicles for a pad of protection between you and the ground below.
  4. Use these boxes to make a magical kingdom for kids in the backyard. They are going to love this!
  5. Use cardboard as a protective layer on your new floor when the kids are doing crafts.
  6. Flatten the cardboard box and turn this into a sled that can be used on a grassy hill. Who said you had to wait until it snowed to go sledding?

Those leftover boxes don’t have to be another chore for you. If you have kids, they will love these. But, for adults, there is always a time in which you wish that you had some extra cardboard lying around. So, before you decide to drive these boxes somewhere to be recycled, think about the future! And if you are ready to move in the area, Excel Moving is here for all your moving needs!

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