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Dealing with the Blues After Moving


When we think of being saddened due to a move, we often think of kids. However, adults can be saddened by a move just as much. The difference is that while kids may throw a few fits, act as though their parents are ruining their lives and be a little stubborn about the move, adults realize that this move means a better opportunity for them and they still do it. The result is that a person may feel out of place, they may miss their friends, and they can even think that they will never have those close relationships that they once had in their new area. The key is learning how to deal with the blues after moving, and we have a few tips!

  1. Just because you move, this doesn’t mean that you cannot stay in touch with those that are left behind. The invention of cell phones, tablets and computers has made it to where you never should lose touch with any old friends. So, use it! This can help you from feeling too alone in your new area.
  2. Remind yourself why you moved. This is important. You may even want to write this down. Many times, after a person moves and they are in a new place, they begin to think that they made the worse mistake ever. However, through knowing why you moved and repeating this reasoning to yourself, it will help.
  3. Get out there! If you moved to this new area for work, be sure that you are putting yourself out there. If the entire staff goes to get drinks every Friday night, then join them. It doesn’t mean that you must drink, it just gets you out there to meet new people.
  4. Try to see more of your new area every day! Make it a goal to see something in this area that is worthwhile every day. It can be nothing bigger than a great store that people brag about or a park that allows dogs to roam. Find something new about this area until you feel as though you are at home!
  5. Let yourself be open to new things! This cannot be overstated enough. One of the main reasons that so many people have issues when they move into a new area, is that they are holding onto where they used to live and the life they had there. Instead of feeling blue about this move, look at this as a new adventure!

For those who are gearing up for a move, be sure to call the professionals. Here at Excel Moving we can handle those heavy pieces of furniture as well as those unique items. We get you to your new location with less hassle and stress on you!

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Top 2 Items Professional Movers Are Needed For


If you don’t think that you need professional movers, think again. There are several items in your home that are more difficult to move than what most people realize! The problem arises when they think that they can do this on their own. When this is the case it may result in the item being left behind, the item becoming broken or in the worst-case scenario, you become injured trying to move something that is meant to be moved by professionals. So, what are those items that are hard to move? We have the top two items that are usually harder to move than most people realize!

Plants: Small in Size, But Fragile to Move

Did you know that plants are hard to move? Most people don’t really think about. However, plants are very susceptible to the changing temperature, which is why these are on the list of hardest things to move. While you can move them, it will take a bit more preparation. For example:

  • Transfer these to lighter pots a few weeks before the move to ensure they are not too heavy to lift
  • Arrange to have these transported in your personal vehicle
  • Monitor the temperature in your personal vehicle and ensure the plant is not shifted in a way that will break or damage it in any way

Pianos: Best Left to Professional Movers

Pianos are something that no one wants to move! They are heavy and so fragile for something that has so much weight behind it! Many people tend to leave behind their pianos, especially if they are older. However, if you love your piano, then your only option is to have a professional help with this. What will the professional do? This really spends on the piano and the size. However, some of the things that have been done in the past include:

  • Removing the legs and lid to make moving easier in pieces
  • Wrap the entire piano in pads and plastic wrap to ensure no scratches happen
  • Utilize 4 to 5 people to easily move this from one location to the next

While plants and pianos are not the only difficult thing to move, they are often something that do require a little prior planning. For those who have these items in their home, talk with us before your move to see how we can help!


Ready to Move? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you ready for a move? This is a question that many people ask themselves. You may have every reason in the world to leave your current location, but you are still going to be facing a difficult road ahead. You will find that you are leaving the warmth and comfort of an area that you have known for several years and may feel comfortable in for something that is more unknown. Therefore, there are several questions that you should ask yourself to determine if a move soon is really the best option for you or not. The good news for you, we have compiled several of these questions to help you!

Questions About the New Area

One of the first questions to consider is all about the new area. For example:

  • What is the cost of living in this area?
  • How is the job market?
  • Is the climate something more than what you are accustomed to?
  • Are there cultural issues that you must be aware of?
  • What type of opportunities are in the new area that you can take part of?

Questions about the Move Itself

There are several questions about the move itself that you need to ask yourself. These questions include:

  • Can you afford to move during what may be the peak season of moving?
  • Do you have plans before the move that you cannot change?
  • If you have a family you must look at how this move could affect their school year?
  • What about a new job, is there a specific time that you must start? This date could dictate your moving date.
  • Have you saved enough money to relocate to a new area? Remember to consider all the costs of moving including packing materials and hiring professional’s movers.

Most importantly, have you found a new home that you can move into? Having somewhere to move into is a must for those who are planning a move soon! And if you are planning a move to our area, be sure to contact us. We can help with the move in a way that is going to make the move much easier on you!

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How to Prepare for Movers in the Home


For those who are new to using professional movers, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, you are going to love the experience that you get with professional movers. It is going to result in less stress and the entire move will run a bit smoother. However, this does not mean that you simply sit back and let them do their jobs, there are a few things that you need to do in preparation for them entering into your home to help you move.

  1. Always be sure that they have a clean path throughout the home. We want our movers to remain safe while they are in the home without the fear of tripping over boxes or items that have been left in the floor.
  2. Ask questions if you have them! The movers are more than happy to answer any concerns or questions that you may have.
  3. Be sure that you have cleared the moving truck for parking, especially if you live in an apartment complex that may have rules for where people can park.
  4. Let neighbors know that you are moving so that they know there may be a bit of noise on moving day.
  5. Be sure that you remove those things that the movers cannot handle. Whether this means that you put these into a separate box that states do not move or the like.

Movers are going to be professional when they enter into your home. They are going to get the job done and then go onto the next home that they are helping to move. The more prepared you are for the movers, you are going to find that the faster the move goes!

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Frequent Mover? 3 Tips to Help!


Moving is not something that many people look forward to. And there are situations in which moving becomes a hassle. For those who are in a profession in which frequent moves are needed, you will easily find that after the first handful of moves, you are almost to the point of throwing yourself on the floor like a toddler. However, for those who are considered frequent movers, there are a few things that you can do to make these moves a bit easier. Since you know that you are going to be moving again in a year maybe even only a few months, there are ways that you can avoid feeling as though you must pack everything, including the kitchen sink, again!

Tip 1: Only Keep Necessities!

Those who are frequent movers are often the best at downgrading and only keeping what they truly need and use. Too many times, a big part of the hassle of moving is packing up everything that you have collected over the years. For those who frequently move, do not get into this habit!

Tip 2: Invest into Storage Containers

Many of those whom we have moved are those who are moving pros. Instead of going with cardboard boxes, they have plastic storage bins that are neatly labeled and ready to go. This is a great tip for those who frequently move. This way, you can put these up while they are not needed, and always have these on hand. It often eliminates having to run around to find boxes when you are packing for a move.

Tip 3: Use Professional Movers!

While you may be a pro at moving and packing on your own since you have done this so much. Always remember that professionals are trained to handle the oversized furniture and items that may be harder for you. While you can do this yourself, can you guarantee that you won’t have a mishap? At least if professional movers have an issue, you are not liable for the damage.

And remember that if you are moving in the Raleigh or Greensboro areas, we are here to help!