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4 Moving Mistakes that Derail a Move

You have the move planned, you know where you are moving to and now all that is left is the actual move. You are super excited and ready to get this new path in your life underway. However, are you really prepared for the actual moving aspect of this move? There are five huge moving mistakes that are made every day by people throughout the United States who are moving for the first time or even for the umpteenth time. And these mistakes can cost you money and your time!

Mistake #1: Deciding to “Wing” a Move

Moving is not something that you just say, “I’ll wing it”. Moving takes preparation, planning, and most importantly, organization. If you truly believe that you can wing it, you are going to be in for a very rude awakening. Instead, we suggest you follow the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance. Plan accordingly and make sure that you do your homework!

Mistake #2: You Forget the Rush Hour of Moving

The rush hour of moving refers to the months in which people are moving out of their homes and into new ones at a fast pace. For those who are using professional movers like Excel Moving & Storage, forgetting about this rush hour may mean not getting the professionals you want to move your items. This goes hand in hand with proper planning.  A key tip to remember: 3 to 4 months before your moving date is when to start calling companies to find the one that is going to help you move.

Mistake #3: You Avoided Decluttering

This is a huge mistake! Look at a move as a way to start fresh…and since you are starting fresh, do you really want to drag around that junk that you have not used for ten or more years? No way! So, take the time to declutter, remove the junk from your home, donate items that you no longer want or need. You will find it much better to move when you have taken the time to declutter.

Mistake #4: You Spaced Out on an Overnight Bag

Remember that you should always pack an overnight bag that is going to hold all the essentials you need without having to unpack every box that you moved. Why is this? It means that if you were to arrive late at your new location, you can still have the essentials and not spend another few hours looking for those when you would rather take it easy. Plus, for those who move with professional companies, remember that it could be a few days before your belongings are delivered to your new location.

after a move

9 Ways to Feel at Home After a Move

The move is behind you! The moving company has dropped all your items, you are officially moved into your new home. However, do you feel at home? More than likely not. After all, there are boxes still sitting around, furniture has not been arranged to your exact specifications yet, and you still haven’t had the chance to make this new house or apartment really feel like you. We have 10 ways that you can easily make your new place feel like home, while also helping you to get everything unpacked and into its new location.

  1. Start unloading those boxes! The more boxes you get out of the house, the bigger this is going to feel and the more at home you are going to feel.
  2. Turn up the music! Don’t just be silent while unpacking, have some fun with this!
  3. All the big items need to be unpacked first. This will give you a great idea of how you are going to layout your new home.
  4. Make the bed with sheets so that it is ready to go at night!
  5. Put up a shower curtain, lay out some towels and get all your bathroom products onto the shelves. Having the bathroom ready to use is going to alleviate a lot of stress!
  6. Open the windows so that natural light is coming through the home, this is going to help you not only see what you are working with but lets you get used to the feel of your new home.
  7. Unpack those things that remind you of home first, especially if you moved into the area from another state or the like.
  8. Be sure to take a minute and do a security check throughout the home. Make sure that windows and doors all lock, so you have peace of mind at night.
  9. Even if you don’t get to all those boxes today, take a few minutes and relax. Take a beverage and look out the window of your new home, or just chill and listen to a few songs.

Moving into a new area is not going to feel like home overnight. However, with these tips, you can make it feel like home sooner! And remember, Excel Moving and Storage is here for all your moving needs!

Keeping Kids Busy During a Move


For parents, one of the most difficult tasks while moving is what to do with the kids. You want to keep them entertained while you are packing and you want to keep them safe while you are moving the items out of your home. So, what do you do? We have a few tips that can help you!

Before Packing Tips

Now that you are ready to move, before you pack, you need to get your kids ready for this. Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Let the kids know asap that you are going to be moving. This can help them to prepare themselves mentally.
  2. Start packing up your kids clothing, toys and the like in advance of moving. Kids may hold onto these items. But, if you start earlier then you will find that you can get rid of these non-essential items that your kids do not need.

During the Move Tips

While you are moving, you are going to be busy. You will want to keep your kids as busy as possible! Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Ask them if they want to help! If they are old enough let them help with that last-minute packing crisis, write labels on boxes or the like.
  2. Give younger kids something that is going to keep them entertained. Have coloring book and new crayons out there for your kids to color with. Or even let them have some left-over bubble wrap, kids love popping this!

The key with anymore is to ensure that the kids are safe and taken care of. While they may not be looking forward to the move, as long as they are safe, you are going to find that the move will be a success. And remember, if you need to use professionals call us here at Excel Moving & Storage!

5 Tips for Staying Safe During a Move


When you do decide to move, your own safety should be a top concern that you have. However, the reality is that most of us are in a hurry to get things packed, to get to your new home and are dealing with all the information that is needed to switch schools for kids, turn on utilities and the like. For this reason, your own safety is not usually what you have in mind.

Safety Worries

There are several safety worries that a person should be worried about when it comes time to move. These concerns include:

  • Injuries from packing too many items into one box
  • Injuries from falling due to carrying a large and unruly object
  • Breaking items, a big worry for those who have items that are family heirlooms

There are tons of other situations that we could highlight in which the safety of the person moving was in question. However, it is sufficient to say, safety rules are often ignored when you are moving as your mind is elsewhere.

Tips for Your Safety

Here are a few tips to help ensure that you are safe while in the process of moving:

  1. Be sure to pack your boxes right. Limit these boxes to 50 pounds apiece, as this is the maximum weight. You can go even lighter to ensure that you do not overdo your back!
  2. Stretch just like you are going to work out if you are going to be moving these boxes on your own. This can help to avoid some muscle strains.
  3. Be sure you are lifting heavy items as you should. Life with your legs, not your back!
  4. Always have an emergency kit on standby, you never know when you are going to need a band-aid or some over the counter pain killers.
  5. Be sure to limit the number of kids and pets around. Kids and pets can get hurt or they can cause you to become injured if they get in your way!

The best way to stay safe while moving is to hire professional movers. The movers with Excel Moving are trained on how to lift heavy and light objects to ensure they are safe. Through hiring professionals, you will find that your body will thank you later!