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9 Ways to Feel at Home After a Move

The move is behind you! The moving company has dropped all your items, you are officially moved into your new home. However, do you feel at home? More than likely not. After all, there are boxes still sitting around, furniture has not been arranged to your exact specifications yet, and you still haven’t had the chance to make this new house or apartment really feel like you. We have 10 ways that you can easily make your new place feel like home, while also helping you to get everything unpacked and into its new location.

  1. Start unloading those boxes! The more boxes you get out of the house, the bigger this is going to feel and the more at home you are going to feel.
  2. Turn up the music! Don’t just be silent while unpacking, have some fun with this!
  3. All the big items need to be unpacked first. This will give you a great idea of how you are going to layout your new home.
  4. Make the bed with sheets so that it is ready to go at night!
  5. Put up a shower curtain, lay out some towels and get all your bathroom products onto the shelves. Having the bathroom ready to use is going to alleviate a lot of stress!
  6. Open the windows so that natural light is coming through the home, this is going to help you not only see what you are working with but lets you get used to the feel of your new home.
  7. Unpack those things that remind you of home first, especially if you moved into the area from another state or the like.
  8. Be sure to take a minute and do a security check throughout the home. Make sure that windows and doors all lock, so you have peace of mind at night.
  9. Even if you don’t get to all those boxes today, take a few minutes and relax. Take a beverage and look out the window of your new home, or just chill and listen to a few songs.

Moving into a new area is not going to feel like home overnight. However, with these tips, you can make it feel like home sooner! And remember, Excel Moving and Storage is here for all your moving needs!

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