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Moving Quick? 4 Tips to Help

Do you need to move soon? Maybe you had a surprise promotion or simply need to move out of a home that you are renting sooner than you thought. Either way, a quick move is one that requires attention to detail and to do this quickly, as you may not have the normal time that others have when they decide to move. With this being said, here are a few tips that can help you succeed at moving quickly!

  1. Know where to start! While you may be in a hurry, this does not mean that you should start randomly packing things. You should still have order rather than chaos when packing. Start with the most difficult room to pack and then work your way through the home. You are going to find that this will make the packing process much easier and faster.
  2. Throw out things you know you don’t need or want! Just because you must move faster than normal doesn’t mean that you should pack up everything. You still need to declutter while you are packing. There is no point in moving items you don’t want or need! You are just wasting your time in packing these items and you are wasting your money in moving those things you don’t need.
  3. Make sure you are prepared with the proper packing materials for moving! This will save you a ton of time. When you know you are going to be moving, even if this is a sudden decision, go out and buy those packing materials that you are going to need. And be sure to get plenty of these materials to ensure that you not having to run back out later to purchase these, thus not using your time to its greatest benefit! Be sure to get boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, permanent markers and whatever else you may need.
  4. Ask for help! When you are moving quickly, you don’t have the time that you wish you could devote to this task. Instead, ask a few friends for help or hire a professional moving company to come in and help, like Excel Moving and Storage. Sometimes, finding friends to help you move is a bit harder than you had thought!

Are You Financially Prepared for a Move?

What is one of the biggest obstacles that holds people back from a move? The actual cost of moving! This is not referring to the money associated with selling your current home, buying a new home, or even paying security deposits and rent on a rental home. The moving process itself does cost money. Many people only factor in a small cost when they think about moving. But, they are going to learn the hard way, they should have factored in a higher amount!

What is it about moving that costs so much? With this question to answer, we have looked at some of the common expenses associated with moving, so you can have a better idea of what you may pay when you do move.

Setting Up New Utilities

This is an expense that most people do not even think about. However, most companies when moving into a new area will require a small deposit to get your utilities up and running. A water company may charge a set fee that is relatively small. However, electric companies may want hundreds of dollars to start up your service.

The Packing Materials

You would be surprised at just how much money is spent on packing supplies! For example, a roll of packing tape may only cost a few bucks, but when you need 15 or more rolls of this tape, along with the cost of bubble wrap, heavy duty boxes, along with whatever other packing materials you may need. It is not uncommon for a family to spend a hundred dollars or more on packing supplies for their move.

Replacement Items

Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to pack up every single spice and food item in their kitchen to move. Instead, they may donate these to their local food bank. Therefore, when you move into a new home, be prepared for the trip to the grocery to be way more than you normally spend. After all, many food items cannot be handled by professional moving companies like Excel Moving & Storage.

For those who are thinking about moving, be sure to sit down and make a budget estimate of what this is going to cost you. This way, you aren’t surprised later!


A Priority Moving List

What is your priority list when you move into a new home? There are several things that are often forgotten or left for a later date, and then almost always forgotten altogether. In an effort to help you become more organized for your move, we have developed a priority list that we think could help ensure that during a move you are dotting all the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘T’s’.

So, what should your Moving Priority List contain? This is going to differ from person to person, but we have a few major items to include!

  1. Declutter Time! Be sure that you schedule enough time to declutter your home before the move. Trust us, the more you declutter, the happier you are going to be. It makes no sense to move tons of boxes that you are never going to open!
  2. Important updates and paperwork. Take time before the move, or right after, whichever works best for you for all those important updates and paperwork. This includes a change of address, getting new doctors that are in your area, getting kids registered for a new school, changing your address with magazines and the like. This is going to be time-consuming, but is simply something that must be done.
  3. Are there projects for your new home that need to be done before move in time? This is becoming more common as people are finding more value in buying a cheaper home then renovating this to what they want. The key is to do this before you have your belongings in the home.
  4. Pack everything a few days before the movers are to arrive. This way you are not running around the day of the move trying to get everything put into boxes and labeled.
  5. Make arrangements for what you are going to do between the time that your items are in the moving truck to the time that they are moved into a new home. You can use this time to do those DIY projects in the new home or the like!

For those who are contemplating a move, remember that professional at Excel Moving & Storage are here for you. We can make a stressful move just a bit easier on you…and if there is any way to make a move easier, you need to take it!