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A Business Move: How to Prepare your Office for the Change

business move

When a business move is near, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are a number of items that need to be checked off of your list before the move happens. For example:

  1. Informing clients of a new location
  2. Making changes to the online profile for the company including all social media pages
  3. Making announcements via social media about this move
  4. Packing up the office
  5. Informing employees of their new locations after the move

All the while, you may still be doing business. The stress of this can be outrageous! In fact, many business owners do not realize just how stressful this move can be. The good news: there is help and advice that can get you through this transition.

Have a Timeline for Every Business Move

For every business move, you need to have a timeline. This timeline is going to keep you on schedule and will help to decrease the stress slightly. An example timeline could be:

  • 2 weeks before moving offices, let customers know
  • Announce the upcoming move on social media two to three weeks from the date
  • As the date grows closer, keep announcing this move so it reaches the maximum number of people
  • One week before the move, all employees need to be packing their items
  • Stop doing business at that location two days before the moving company comes to help, this way you have two solid days of no interruptions

Ask for Help

Always be aware that there is help for a business move. And many businesses find it is better to call in the professionals to help with the move rather than having their office staff tackle this on their own. Excel Moving can offer tons of help for any move, whether this is business or residential. A few other ideas that have worked for businesses in the past:

  • Have interns for the business help with packing.
  • Hire one time employees to help with the move, as there is the packing of this office, as well as getting unpacked at your new business location.

Remember, a business move does not have to be something you dread. You can make this move one that is going to be a positive experience and best for your business! To get better prepared for your business move, be sure to check out packing tips and talk with professionals, as there is always advice to be found.


Minimizing Corporate Relocation Stress


For those businesses in North and South Carolina, when it is time to relocate, remember that you are going to want professionals on your side to help with this task. Why is this? For one, professionals like Excel, have done this type of move dozens of times. Meaning that we know the inside tricks to make this run more smoothly and to ultimately help you save as much time as possible. Secondly, when you use a professional mover, you are going to find that this is less stress on you. You already are dealing with the other aspects of relocation such as getting the word out to the consumer market and hoping to avoid having a huge gap between being open for business and moving.

With all this stress, we are here for you, and we want to lend our expertise. We also want to provide you with a few tips to help making this relocation a bit easier on you:

  1. Get your employees involved in the process of relocating. For example, have them clear out their desks of personal affects so that the movers do not have to worry about these, and perhaps have these employees help with getting things ready to load onto the truck for the move.
  2. Be sure that you are advertising your move, especially if you provide consumer goods on the market, as you want consumers to know that you are moving and that you are going to be open for business.
  3. Take the time now to plan your gran re-opening in your new location. You want to ensure that this is a big event to put your business on the map with a splash.
  4. Consider your inventory before the move. Will it make more sense to discount this inventory to sell now versus moving it to the new location? This is something that each business owner must look at, as it is going to be different for each business.

In the end, while this can be a stressful time, our expertise can make this much easier for you!