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Is it Cheaper to Move Yourself or Use Professionals?


This is one question that many people ask. However, when answering this, you have to consider more than just the actual dollar amounts that you would be paying a professional mover to come in and help to move your belongings. You also need to consider:

  • Your time
  • The physical toll that moving can take on the body
  • The stress that comes with moving

With this being said, let’s take a look at the different scenarios so that you can decide for yourself which is the best option.

Moving Yourself

For those who decide to move themselves, they need to take into consideration several aspects. We have highlighted some of the more typical expenses and needs associated with moving yourself:

  • Renting a truck or borrowing your friends trucks
  • Taking time off from work in order to pack items and load these onto the trucks, which could take several days for some people, meaning this could cost you hundreds of dollars in lost income
  • A few days after moving these items onto trucks and moving, your body may be paying for this in the form of pulled muscles, bruises, stiffness and overall being sore
  • If you have children, this may mean having to pay for daycare while you are trying to load and move boxes for their safety and your peace of mind

Typically, those who move themselves find that between packing, actually moving boxes onto vehicles, and then traveling to their new location, they could spend a few days moving a typical 3-bedroom home.

Letting the Professionals Handle the Move

When you let the professionals handle the move, you are going to find that there is very little that you have to do. You may have to dictate some things, such as which boxes need to stay with you and whatnot. However, in the end the movers are going to move the boxes, load their trucks, drive this to your new location and unload the boxes. In most cases, these moves are completed within a day if moving within the same city.

So which would you rather do? Spend your entire day doing back breaking work, or leave this to the professionals? If a move were a car, you wouldn’t do the work yourself, you would let the professionals handle the work. So consider Excel Moving the next time you are moving!