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Moving to Greensboro

Here at Excel Moving, we handle moves throughout the state and beyond. However, for many people who are moving to Greensboro, there are several areas that we are seeing frequently. There are numerous area within Greensboro that people are moving into. With this being said, we have a few fun facts about the area, along with some areas that people may want to consider when they are looking to move into the area!

Fun Facts about Greensboro

Did you know:

  1. Greensboro is ranked as #244 in North Carolina!
  2. In the USA, it is ranked at #9967.
  3. It has a livability score of 71 which is higher than the state of North Carolina and higher than the rating for the US.
  4. It gets an A rating for the weather as the average summer temperature is around 76 degrees.
  5. The amenities in the area are given an A+ rating as there are tons of amenities close to most areas in which people are living

These are just a few of the reasons that so many people are looking to move into the area! Many families are choosing to move into the Greensboro area so that they have some great schools, along with that neighborhood feel in their area.

Moving Here

There are several people who are looking to move here. With this being said, here are some interesting stats about living here:

  • The average home price is less than 16% of the national averages
  • The average home price is around $147,500 which is lower than the average for the state of North Carolina
  • The average rent is $751 per month

So, are you ready to move into Greensboro? If so, we can help! Here at Excel Moving, we are professionals when it comes to helping you pack and move into your new home with ease. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can sit back and relax. This can be your best move ever, as we will take over the hassle of the move!

Ways to Help Us Make your Move Easier

moving 2

Here at Excel, we have helped thousands of people move into their new homes. For those who have never used movers before, they will find that with movers, the process becomes simplified. We handle the load of the move, and ensure that it gets to your new home safely and intact. You simply have to be at the home to meet us for the delivery and unloading. With this being said, we have compiled tips that you can utilize to ensure that the move is going to go over well when using movers for your next move!

Make your Move Easier Tips

  1. Always confirm the times that the moving crew will pick-up and drop off. The bulk majority of issues are due to miscommunication of these times.
  2. Be sure to detail all those big items that you have that will need to be moved. These types of items may require special tools or hardware to move, and if we know ahead of time, you can ensure that we will come prepared to handle this task.
  3. Be completely honest about the size of home that is going to be moved, and the number of items that you have. This is going to affect how many movers, along with the size of the truck that is brought to complete the job.
  4. Ensure that boxes are packed and ready to move the day in which the movers arrive. This can make things much easier, and ensure that everything is completed on time.
  5. Be sure that you take the time to make an inventory of what you are moving. In most cases, the moving company that you are using is going to compile a list of box numbers, and a brief description of weight or even contents. It is just as important that you make this same list so that you are protected during and after a move.

If you are looking to move, be sure that you are doing your homework and realize just how helpful a moving company can be. For local moves, a move that would normally take a day or two for friends or family to help with, a moving company can accomplish this in one day.

For those who are moving in the South Carolina or the North Carolina area, then Excel Moving is here for you. Contact us today to get a quote and get started on getting into your new home peacefully.