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Having a Floor Plan Before a Move

floor plan

When you are preparing for a move, you are often told by numerous people who have moved before that having a floor plan of your new home is a must have. Why is this? It can make a move into this home much easier if you have this. While most people cannot get an actual blueprint layout of their new home, you can make your own to reference. All you will need:

  1. Photos of the room can be helpful to help you visualize where you want items placed
  2. The room measurements including where doors are located, walls and the like
  3. A large piece of paper or poster board to draw this onto

Once you have this information, here are some tips for how to put this information to good use:

  • Use post it notes to add these into the rooms labeled with piece of furniture.
  • Prioritize which room should be completed first.
  • This will also allow you to make a list of items that may not fit into your new home and whether you should get rid of these or put these into storage.
  • Have a plan for where to tell movers to place things, which in the end will make your move in process much easier!
  • This can also be helpful in loading the truck, if you are doing this on your own. However, with Excel Moving, you can rest assure that however the truck is packed, your items will be secure and everything will be placed where it needs to be placed that day.

Keep in mind that there are several programs online that will help you in drawing out a floor plan if you are short on time and cannot do this one your own. And these programs are relatively easy to use for anyone, even if you are not a budding architect!