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Moving: Garbage Bags versus Boxes


When you are packing, you are probably going to face the issue that most people who move face at one point or another. Should you use garbage bags or boxes for your belongings? Not everything is going to fit in a garbage bag. However, many people wonder if it is better to use these garbage bag for blankets, clothing and those softer items rather than using a box. So, are garbage bags really the best option when compared to a box?

There are some pros and cons of each option:

  • It can be much easier to shove clothes into bags rather than boxes
  • You may feel as though you can get more clothing into bags rather than placing these into boxes
  • Garbage bags are hard to label when compared to boxes
  • If you are moving yourself, these garbage bags can be placed into the vehicle in small places that boxes cannot fit
  • However, boxes are easier to keep an organized move compared to having bags shoved everywhere

With these pros and cons being noted, most professional companies are going to prefer to move boxes rather than garbage bags. The only reason being is that there are times in which several homes are being moved within one large truck. Having garbage bags all over the place can make this harder to keep organized. However, this does not mean that you cannot put some garbage bags on your moving supply list. There are several cases in which garbage bags can come in handy:

  1. If you have a drawer full of clothing, it can be easier to dump these into a garbage bag, and then place the bag inside of box. This is especially helpful if you are moving fast and do not want to take the time to fold clothes into the box.
  2. Garbage bags can be great supplies for those last-minute items you pack that are going with you in your personal vehicle.
  3. A garbage bag is also useful for your designated overnight bag if you have packed up your luggage or do not want to buy new pieces.

So, before you decide to simply forego the garbage bags, think again. Though they may not be suitable for packing everything that you need to move. They are great for several situations. Remember, if you are moving into or around our area, be sure to call Excel Moving to schedule your move date. You can rest assure that you will find a fair price and a great moving experience!