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Recent Graduates: Moving Advice


Recent GraduatesWith many college students approaching a Spring graduation, they may be considering a move to a new city to start living their adult life. With this being said, Excel Moving has helped recent graduates in the past who need to move to a new location. Our team can pack up your items and load these into our truck. We will then deliver these to your new home. However, before all this happens, we have a few tips for the recent grads that may be looking to move after college!

  1. Consider a roommate. Why is this? Chances are the first job that you get is going to be entry level, meaning that you may not be making a ton of money. However, with a roommate you can help to lower some of the out of pocket expenses that you have with the cost of living.
  2. Remember to declutter some of those items that you may not need when you move. You may not need or want any of your textbooks, so instead consider selling these for some extra cash or storing these at your parent’s home.
  3. Be sure to consider the job market in the new city that you are moving to. Find the city that has the highest rate of job potential, so that you are increasing your chances of finding full time employment.
  4. You may want to wait on buying tons of furniture, as you are not sure of the size of what your new home may be. In addition, if you are bunking with roommates, it is best to get their ideas on furniture as well, so everyone feels at home.

One of the last pieces of advice that we can give recent graduates: If you know that you are going to need our services for your move, be sure to book early. You would be surprised at just how many grads call just a few days before their move, and find that they must do this on their own. Don’t take any chances, call early!