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5 Tips to Feel at Home in your New House

feel at home

The movers have dropped off the boxes, and now you are standing in your new house, staring at all that needs to be done. Right now, the house may not feel like home. In fact, you may be questioning why in the world you moved in the first place! However, with these tips, you can make this house feel like home sooner!

  1. Turn on the music!

Crank up the tunes! Not only is this going to make the unpacking process fly by. And music has been proven to help in relieving stress.

  1. Unpack big things first.

Be sure to unpack those larger items first. These items include the furniture, lamps and those things that you need to put together. You will find that having these big things up in the house will make it easier to unpack those smaller items.

  1. Make up the bed.

Make up the bed with sheets and your comforter. This way you have somewhere to sleep once the night rolls around. And you will find that this can help you relax, even if you have more boxes to unpack.

  1. Unpack those homey items.

There are items throughout your old home that made it feel like home. Be sure to unpack these items so that your new space is going to feel like home sooner! Whether this is a familiar painting or family photos on the walls, it is these little touches that make a home.

  1. Make the bathroom perfect!

Be sure to focus some time on the bathroom. Hang the shower curtains, unpack the towels and your toiletry items, as having a place to take a shower and then getting into the bed will make this house feel like home within a few minutes!

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Unpacking: Where to Start?


The move has happened, and now you are standing in your new home. Boxes are all around you and the home is empty. What now? Take a deep breath and a moment to enjoy the empty home and to get your mental state right. Once you release it…it’s time to get to work! Now is the time to unpack and get everything situated. For most people, this is overwhelming. After all, you may have tons of boxes and personal items that you need to unpack and get set up. This can be even more bothersome if you are facing a deadline for getting your items unpacked, such as if you are needing to get to work in a few days. So, where do you start?

Step 1: Bedding

You should always start with the bedding in a room. Unpack the mattress, sheets and comforters to ensure that you have somewhere comfortable to sleep tonight. Remember, once you have this done, most everything else tends to fall in place. If your entire family is unpacking, be sure that the beds are the first thing in each room. This way when night falls, everyone can feel more at home in their own bed!

Step 2: Dressers and Clothing

Dressers and clothing should be your next step. Most people have their necessity bag that contains a few changes of clothes in them for emergencies. However, if you do find that you must go to work or school in a few days, unpacking your regular clothes and putting these away in the closet or dressers is a must do! After all, no one want stop have to go through boxes to find clothing for work first thing Monday morning.

Step 3: Kitchen

The kitchen should be another room in which you pay attention to and do as soon as possible. Everyone must eat, and having something to eat on is going to be great! Even if you get a few pizzas that first night, having your familiar dinner plates can be relaxing and make this new house start to feel like home.

Step 4: Bathrooms

Bathrooms should have new towels and items in it so that you can take a shower once you are done unpacking a few rooms. Chances are you are going to be a bit on the dirty side, after all, moving is a strenuous activity.

Step 5: Prioritize the rest of the home

Once these areas are unpacked, be sure that you prioritize the rest of the home in terms of what should be unpacked and the like. Don’t forget to take the time to make a run to your local grocery store to stock the refrigerator and get those items that you may need to feel more at home!

If you are debating on whether you are ready to move or not, remember Excel Moving is here for your moving needs! Our expertise can make the process much easier!


Why You Need to Declutter your Home


Many of us who are looking to move are not really worried about decluttering. Instead, our minds are focused on organizing the move. Getting the date for the movers to come, ensuring everything is packed and finding a new house to move into. However, decluttering is one of the main things that you should be doing before any move! Why is this?

  1. If you do have a home that you are trying to sell before a move, decluttering is going to allow you to only keep the bare minimum in the home. This gives the illusion of a blank slate to most potential buyers, increasing the chances of the person being interested and buying this!
  2. If you declutter now, there is less to pack. And if there are less boxes, you will have less to move in the long run! Remember, if you pack all the clutter, you must unpack this later!
  3. Decluttering can be a way to cleanse your life and start new. And for many people this is exactly the type of feeling that they want when they move into a new home!

Tips for Decluttering

With it being known just how important it is to declutter your home, here are a few tips to help you along the way!

  1. Look in your closet, if it has not been worn in the past year, toss it or donate it someone who may want to wear it weekly!
  2. Declutter one room at a time, and do not leave that room until you have taken out all the clutter,
  3. A new rule to put into your life, the “in-out rule”. This rules states that for every one new item you bring into a home, toss one old item out. This can be a great rule for when you do complete the decluttering.
  4. Ask yourself if you really need an item, if you hesitate, then chances are you do not need it!
  5. Have boxes set up for what you want to keep, toss, giveaway or donate. This will make the entire process a bit easier.
  6. Get everyone in the home involved. If you have a family, chances are you didn’t save all of this on your own, so get everyone involved in the process!

Decluttering may not be fun, but if you do this before a move, you are going to find that it allows the move to flow more smoothly. And remember, here at Excel Moving we have tools to help with the clutter, storage units to put items inside and of course, our dedicated moving services!


Tips for Moving into a Fixer Upper


There are several families who move into fixer upper homes. These are homes that often need a little tender, loving care in order to get back to the home that it once was. For many people, this is going to mean moving into the home that they are fixing up, rather than fixing up this home and living elsewhere. It can be difficult to live in a home that you are living in, however, for many people it is unavoidable. If this is the case, we have some tips that can help you decide just how to move into a fixer upper.

Perform Renovations in Order

If you are staying in a home while renovating, be sure that you are performing the renovations in order that makes sense. You do not want to end up doing more work and taking more time when you are doing renovations. For example, if the home needs to be re-wired, do this before you repaint the walls. Likewise, if you need to replace the floors, do this in a time in which the floors are less likely to become damaged.

Consider Consolidating your Belongings

One thing you don’t want to do is to have us move you into your new home, then find yourself constantly moving items around your home to make room for renovations to happen. What we recommend is that you put some items in a storage unit if possible. Those items that you are not going to use can always be stored for later. We can even help with delivering and storing these things into the storage unit for you. You may find it easier to perform renovations when not having to move room after room while working on these renovations.

Practice Patience

When you decide to live in a home that you are renovating, you are going to find that it will require patience. There are going to be times in which you wonder why you even moved to this home. However, rest assure that once you have the home of your dreams, the move will pay off!



Gearing up for a Move: Staging your Home


While we are professionals in moving you, we have become knowledgeable in quite a few other areas of the moving process. For those who are selling their home, they may be resorting to “staging”. Staging is the act of putting in nice furniture, and décor that may not be your personal favorite, but is more likely to get a buyer to bite on your home. It does work, so don’t be too fast in not considering it. For those who are going through this part of moving, we have a few tips to make this work better and ensure that you do not lose your sanity or question your reason for moving in the first place!

Your Home is Your Museum

Now that you are trying to sell, your home is a museum. And with that in mind it should always be spotless. This can be difficult to do for many people. However, here are a few helpful tips to could make it easier:

  • Instead of doing laundry at home, take it to a laundromat, this way you are not cluttering your ‘museum’ with dirty laundry
  • Consider eating out more so that you avoid dirty dishes in the skin and a messy kitchen
  • Ensure that kids are picking up toys every morning and night, when potential buyers could be stopping to see the home
  • Always declutter when new items are brought into the home and keep it decluttered!
  • Consider using storage units for those extra items in your home that may not fit in with the concept of the staging or which are simply in the way

Be Move Ready!

One of the benefits of having your home staged is that more than likely you are going to have your belongings already ready to go in the event that the home sells. This can work to your advantage, as it can mean less work in limited time frames to get moved. We do highly suggest that you work with your real estate agent in developing a schedule for when potential buyers are going to be coming by to take a look. This can allow you to make a few last minute adjustments to make the home perfect!

If you are ready to move, and the staging elements have worked in getting your home sold, don’t forget to notify Excel Moving. We are here to make your move one that is stress free and easy!