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Labeling Boxes for a Move


One of the first aspects that many people talk about when it comes time to move is labeling your boxes. Is it enough to label a box with their destination? Such as “Living Room”, “Kitchen”, and the like? That is what most people think. And this does work. However, we have combined a few labeling tips that can make your entire move a bit easier. It will require a bit of organizing on your behalf while packing, but in the end, you are going to find that it can make your move into your new home even easier!

Consider a Color Coding System

A color coding system is great, and it can help to eliminate a lot of issues that people normally have about where boxes should go. That is, as long as you tell the movers what the colors mean. For example, blue may mean kids bedroom, while red may mean kitchen. With this concept, you are going to want to try to stay within the color as much as possible. For many this means even using tape for the boxes that corresponds with that color.

Number your Boxes

This labeling idea is one that is going to help everyone involved. And it is a highly recommended tip, even if you are not using any other labeling method out there. Each box should have a number on it, and on a master list, you should have written down what each box contains. For example, box 1 may contain your sheets for the master bedroom, along with trinkets from this bedroom. On your master sheet, list these items.

Many people prefer to go through and also number the boxes in terms of how many total boxes that they have. For example, after packing if you have 65 boxes, you would then go back and number the first box “1 of 65”. This is just a great way to ensure that every box arrives at your new destination.

Always Mark the Box if Care Needs to Be Taken

If you have a box that is full of fragile items, be sure that you are marking the box to say so. Writing “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” on the sides of the box will ensure that the movers see this and do as you say. If you are using a color coding system, be sure that this Fragile is written in black on the boxes, rather than color so that it stands out more.

In the end, you can come up with your own labeling system. However, the key is to stick with whatever method that you started with so that all of your boxes are labeled in the same way. Do you have any tips for those who are getting ready to pack up their belongings? Any labeling systems that you devised for packed boxes? Share your ideas to help others! And remember for your move, there is no better help in the North or South Carolina area, than Excel Moving!