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Summer Move

4 Tips for Your Summer Move

A summer move is in the future for many people. However, remember, this summer move is not the same as if you moved during the fall or winter time. During the summer in the Carolina’s, temperatures tend to soar. And this means moving differently. We have a few tips that everyone needs to remember about their summer move!

  1. Hydration is key! We have shared various graphics on our social feeds with summer tips for moving. However, we want to stress the importance of hydration. During the summer and when moving, your body is going to need more water. You will want to ensure you are drinking the recommended amount of water and supplementing this to ensure you are not becoming dehydrated if you are sweating while moving.
  2. Wear cotton clothing, as this is going to be more breathable. The more breathable your clothes are, the more likely you are to stay cool!
  3. Don’t skip eating. Many people when they are moving during the summer time, they tend to forget to eat or they simply skip this. However, you are using tons of calories while moving and packing. So be sure to eat! This can be something light, just ensure it gives you energy. A plate of raw veggies or fruits can be a great way to keep your energy levels high.
  4. Time your move just right. You will find that the heat is going to be worse during the early afternoon hours. That is why many people prefer to pack one day and then have the items loaded during the early morning hours to avoid the heat. This is something to consider and talk with your moving company about.

If you are moving in the area, be sure to contact us here at Excel to ensure that we can help manage your move. Our goal is to make your move easier and stress-free for you!


Can You Afford a Move?


If you are ready to move, the question you need to ask yourself, can you afford this? This is especially true for those who are renting their homes. For those who are buying a home, they are going to find that financially they have different priorities. So, for those who are renting a new home, how much money should you be saving before deciding that a move is the right option? This truly depends. Here at Excel, we want everyone to be ready for their move. Not only do we want to provide you with tips and hints to make the packing and moving work, we also want you to be financially prepared for this move.

How Much Should You Save to Afford your Move?

Those who are renting are in a unique situation. They are going to be paying rent, while still trying to make the move to a new location. Saving money can become hard when still paying rent and utilities where you are still living. However, the good rule of thumb that most financial advisors give is that the person must save at least 3 months of expenses before they move. Why is this? Consider all the items that they are going to have to pay for a new rental:

  1. First and last month rent as a security deposit or another security deposit amount.
  2. Pet fees if they have a pet and are moving into a home that requires this.
  3. Deposits for turning on your utilities.
  4. Cleaning fees for the home that you are moving out of.

And you also must consider that you are needing to hire your professional movers as well.

How to Save Money with Movers

Now that we know how much money you should be saving, we want to give you a few tips that can help you save money when moving with our professionals. Here at Excel we pride ourselves on giving fair and low rates to those who utilize our service. We want to help your move to be stress-free and something that you do not dread doing again! Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Be sure to declutter! The fewer boxes you must move, the lower your rate is going to be!
  2. Try to move when others are not. This way you may find that rates are lowered since the demand for services is not as high. Of course, this is often out of your control. When you need to move, you simply need to move.
  3. Consider selling some of those items that you are not using. This way you get a few extra bucks for your move!

When you are ready to move, have saved up the money for your new rental home, be sure to give us a call. We are here to help you with your move, whether you rent or buy, Excel is here for your needs.


Moving with Teens: Tips to Succeed


One of the biggest challenges in moving, is when you move with kids in tow. Moving with kids can be a bit easier, the younger the kids are. However, what do you do when moving with teenagers? For many parents who have done this in the past, they find that this move is harder than any others. Why is this? For one, teens are often categorized as being a bit on the moody side, to say it lightly. The idea of change may be something that upsets them, and if this is the case, you may want to count on them acting out. Two, teenagers have friends that they have developed and may even have a boyfriend or girlfriend that they do not want to leave. So, what can you do?

We have a few tips on what to do and what to avoid doing, as you could make the situation worse. Remember, moving is a huge life change, no matter what age you are!

  1. Talk to your teen about the move. Don’t assume that they are not happy about this! Assuming they are not happy about the move can make the move even harder. You never know, your son or daughter could be super happy about moving.
  2. If you do have an upset teen, don’t let them make you feel guilty about moving. This is a common feeling for parents if a teen is unhappy or acting out about this move. Remember, kids often adapt to a move easier than what parents think. Be positive and know that you are making this move for a good reason.
  3. Try to move when the school year is over, during the summer. It can be easier for a teen when they are starting fresh during an academic year, rather than starting in the middle.
  4. Get an internet connection asap at your new location so that the teen can stay in touch with those back at their old location. This will make the move easier as they can still communicate with their old friends.
  5. Encourage your teen to get involved in new groups at your new location. This way they are making new friends, and this can help ease their transition into a new school.
  6. Try to give your teen things to do while moving, to make them feel as though they are a part of this move. Plus, this can help a teen to not focus on the moving dilemma that they may be feeling.
  7. While your teen may mope around due to the move, keep a watch on them, but try not to interfere much. Kids often find their own way if they are given the chance, and this can be a tremendous time of growth in your teens life. However, if you do notice that their grades start slipping or they are getting depressed, perhaps counseling could help.

Remember, moving is a difficult task. We can make it easier! Here at Excel Moving we have years of moving experience. This way, you can focus on your teen and other children rather than worrying about when boxes are set to arrive at your new home.


4 Activities that Will Involve Kids During a Move

moving process

For those who move with children, the recommended advice is to have your children go somewhere during the packing and moving process. While this is ideal, this is not always an option for some parents. So, what can these parents do? A great idea is to involve your kids in some way in the moving process. While this will greatly depend upon their age, there are several things that they can help to do. Not only is going to help you, but it makes them feel as though they are contributing. It can also help kids to feel as though this move may not be such a bad thing!

Encourage Kids to Pack Their Own Room

For those kids who are older, encouraging them to pack their own room is going to take a load of stress off you. However, remember that if they are younger, this could potentially turn into a nightmare. Be sure to outline a few rules such as keeping certain items together and not making the boxes too heavy for the kids. This way, they are being productive and helpful throughout the moving process!

Let Kids Help with Labeling Boxes

While younger kids may not be able to write on boxes, you can rest assure that they can stick color coded stickers to boxes that you may need. In fact, you may find that if your child sticks these boxes with color coded labels, there will be no mistaking what room that box belongs to. Let them put a color sticker on each side of the box if they want, it will simply make it easier when unpacking!

Let Kids Help with Final Clean Up

In most cases, when moving out of a home, you are going to do a final clean up, this is especially true with rental homes. Let your kids help with this. For example, most younger kids can run a vacuum with ease. Older kids can help with the more dangerous chores such as cleaning bathrooms or helping to mop floors.

The Final Walk Through

The final walk through once your boxes have been loaded onto the trucks is a great time for kids to help. For younger kids, tell them you are looking for some hidden treasures, and they need to make sure there is nothing left behind. Older kids, can simply be an extra pair of eyes looking for items that you may have forgotten to pack.

Remember, for a smooth move, whether you have kids or not, Excel Moving is here to help you!


Keeping Your Cool During a Move


What is most annoying about a move? For most people, it is not the move itself. In most cases, they are excited about the new home, the new neighborhood and the like. The most annoying fact is the move itself. So how can you keep your cool? We have a few tips that will allow you to keep your cool and to smoothly transition into your new life!

  1. Do not schedule a lot of things on moving day! We have seen too many people do this. Moving day is hectic enough without worrying about getting numerous things done. And if you try to do this, you are only going to be annoyed that you run out of time.
  2. Be prepared for issues that will arise. Too many people believe that since they are using a professional mover, the idea of having anything go wrong is nothing to worry about. However, realize that weather still affects professionals, and there are always those things that are out of our control.
  3. If the stress of packing gets to be too much, step away for a few moments. Take a walk around your neighborhood or simply sit down for a bit. If you are agitated while packing, you are going to find that the items are going to be unorganized and messy!
  4. Minimize those distractions such as the television running, checking your email constantly and the like while moving. This is only going to slow you down and could result in your move being postponed slightly. So, why do it?

In the end, keeping your cool during a move really all boils down to having the right kind of expectations. Remember, a professional moving company like Excel can give a better moving experience than if you were to try to do this on your own!


Help with Your Greensboro Move


There are many people who are looking to make the move to Greensboro or who are simply moving into new homes in the Greensboro area. Why is this? Being based in Greensboro, North Carolina, we may be a bit biased, but we find that it is a great place to call home, and a great place for families to be raised, and careers to be found. After all, this is the third largest city in the state of North Carolina, and it continues to grow.

What to Do in Greensboro

Greensboro has tons of things available to do, which is another reason why we are finding so many people are moving into the area. Most people are looking for a home that is going to allow them to stay local. They want to go out and do things, but they want to do these in their local area, and they will not be disappointed with what Greensboro has to offer. For example:

  • Several concerts and events are hosted at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex
  • The Weatherspoon Art Museum
  • Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe
  • Greensboro Science Center
  • The International Civil Rights Center and Museum
  • Home to the Wyndham Golf Championship
  • Headquarters of the Atlantic Coast Conference

And several other activities throughout the year, along with other locations to visit.

Our Help

If you have decided to move to the Greensboro area, we can’t say that we blame you. First things first, you need to know where you are moving to. We highly recommend you work with one of the many real estate agents that call the Greensboro area home and can get you into your dream home. Once you have finalized the location to move into, then you need to call us.

Even if you are moving in from out of town, we can still help you as we deal with local, across state line moves and even international moves. We will give you an affordable rate and the knowledge that your belongings are going to be safe with us. If your home is not move in ready when the date comes, we can also offer our storage facilities for your belongings.

Our goal is to make the moving process easier on you. We realize how much trouble it can be to move your items, store these and unpack them into your new home. Which is why you should not go at this alone. You worked with real estate agents for finding your new home, so let our professionals handle your move!


Moving: Those Little Things You Overlook


There is no doubt about it, we are professionals when it comes to moving people. However, we also have expertise in packing and getting you prepared for your move. With we often hear about those who are packing their belongings, who end up going out to buy things time and time again, as they have forgotten that they need these. It can make the packing process even longer. That is why we have compiled a list of what you need to get before packing and moving, so you are prepared for whatever may come your way!

  1. A first aid kit: Cardboard cuts can hurt, and they often happen, especially if you are packing and taping up boxes in a hurry!
  2. Extra tape: Let’s face it, one roll of tape is not going to tape all your boxes. Keep in mind that you may need to tape the bottom and top to keep it reinforced during the move.
  3. Extra markers: Yes, you may have purchased a multi-pack with three markers in it, but get another one. You can almost guarantee that you will lose a few and run these markers out.
  4. Packing materials: Be sure to grab extra bubble wrap, towels, newspaper or the like, whatever you are using to warp materials in. You do not want to get to the point that you are simply putting things into a box and hoping for the best.
  5. Always have extra boxes. You never know when you have underestimated, and this can save you a great amount of time in searching for more boxes later.

One of the biggest things we see people overlook is the extent of the job itself of packing and getting ready for a move. So many people think that they can pack up their belongings within one day. While professionals can do this, most people are going to find that it is super hard to do this in just one day. So, don’t wait too long to start your moving journey!

time to move

Is it Time to Move?

time to move

One of the main obstacles that faces a person when they are looking to move, is if this is the time to move or not? There are several factors that play into whether or not now is the time to move. For one, consider if you have a home to move into, whether you buy or rent. This is most important. Most people know where they want to move, they just want to know if this is the best time for them to move or not. While, this is a personal decision to make, we do have some tips that can point you into making the right decision!

  1. Can you afford a move right now? Take into consideration the costs of boxes and packing supplies, paying your movers and the like. Moving is not a cheap ordeal at all, but here at Excel Moving we can ensure that you are getting a great price for your move.
  2. Do you have any important dates coming up? You do not want to schedule a move during a time frame that you may need to be out of town for business, an important birthday or anniversary, or the like.
  3. Have you prepared everyone in your family for the move? For those who have kids, they will want to approach this move with caution and ensure that the kids are ready.
  4. Are you tired of where you are located at? This is going to be one of the key aspects to look at. If you are tired of living in your current area, then moving is the only option that you truly have.

In the end, moving is not something that you should take lightly. It is an expensive endeavor, and you will want to ensure that the move is one that is going to benefit you more in the long run. Therefore, consider why you are moving, the time frame and then call us to help with your move!

move easier

How Can You Make your Move Easier?

move easier

For those who are preparing for a move, what can you do on your end to make this move easier? That is the question that many people ask. After all, moving can be difficult. Once you have scheduled your move with us here at Excel Moving, you can rest assure that you have already taken a major step in making your move easier. Aside from using our services, there are a few other things that you can do to make your next move easier.

  1. Don’t save packing for until the last minute. If you do, you are going to find that it can be even harder in the long run.
  2. Ensure that all your boxes are labeled correctly to make unpacking easier.
  3. Be sure that you take some time to decompress after you move. You can avoid a lot of stress from moving if you simply take some time to relax. If you have designated a box for your first day in a new home, then you can decompress for at least one day before unpacking.
  4. Get assistance when you need it. Don’t get at this alone. If you need help unpacking, then hire professionals to make this happen!
  5. Take a few hours before moving to transfer your address on insurance, mail and the like. This way you are completely covered in your new home.
  6. If your move has come as a surprise, realize that there are going to be a few times in which you may miss your old home. This is normal. But, be sure that you are taking the time to deal with these feelings so that you can be fully on board with your new home!

In the end, moving does not have to be the stressful situation that you imagine it to be. For many, once they use these tips, you are going to find that the move becomes something that is just another activity in your life that you need to do!


Moving: The Little Things to Remember


After your move, chances are you are excited and nervous about your new neighborhood. For those who are moving with more than just themselves, this time can also be hectic and downright stressful. It is not surprising that many people forget those small things when they move. However, it is these small things that can make your move just a little easier on everyone. With this being said, we have outlined some of those little things that you may forget, to help remind you to get these in order once the boxes have been dropped off and you are unpacking!

  1. Always notify your insurance companies of your new address and the fact that you moved. You never know, with your auto insurance this could mean your premium lowers slightly, especially if you moved into an area that is not as high traffic!
  2. Make sure that your bank knows your new address, and this also includes your credit card companies as well.
  3. Order new checks, if you use them, with your updated address on these. If your address on your check is not updated, don’t be surprised if they are not accepted everywhere.
  4. Order a lot online? Then be sure to check and ensure that your saved addresses have changed. After all, you don’t want your new package going to your old home!
  5. Be sure that you update your license, and this is usually something that you are required to do within the first 30 days of moving to a new location. Otherwise, if you were to get pulled over, you could get fined for this.
  6. If you have medication prescriptions, then be sure to get these transferred to your local pharmacy so it will be easier to pick these up.
  7. Change your address on those magazines and other items you receive monthly in the mail. Luckily, these items usually have a small postcard to fill out inside of them for this reason.

When you are having to remember where everything is at, change utilities and the like, it is easy to forget some of these smaller things that are not impacting your move right now. However, with this list, hopefully you can get your move into a new home off to the right start. And remember, having professionals like Excel Moving handle your move, can give you more time to focus on those little things!