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Are You Financially Prepared for a Move?

What is one of the biggest obstacles that holds people back from a move? The actual cost of moving! This is not referring to the money associated with selling your current home, buying a new home, or even paying security deposits and rent on a rental home. The moving process itself does cost money. Many people only factor in a small cost when they think about moving. But, they are going to learn the hard way, they should have factored in a higher amount!

What is it about moving that costs so much? With this question to answer, we have looked at some of the common expenses associated with moving, so you can have a better idea of what you may pay when you do move.

Setting Up New Utilities

This is an expense that most people do not even think about. However, most companies when moving into a new area will require a small deposit to get your utilities up and running. A water company may charge a set fee that is relatively small. However, electric companies may want hundreds of dollars to start up your service.

The Packing Materials

You would be surprised at just how much money is spent on packing supplies! For example, a roll of packing tape may only cost a few bucks, but when you need 15 or more rolls of this tape, along with the cost of bubble wrap, heavy duty boxes, along with whatever other packing materials you may need. It is not uncommon for a family to spend a hundred dollars or more on packing supplies for their move.

Replacement Items

Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to pack up every single spice and food item in their kitchen to move. Instead, they may donate these to their local food bank. Therefore, when you move into a new home, be prepared for the trip to the grocery to be way more than you normally spend. After all, many food items cannot be handled by professional moving companies like Excel Moving & Storage.

For those who are thinking about moving, be sure to sit down and make a budget estimate of what this is going to cost you. This way, you aren’t surprised later!


A Priority Moving List

What is your priority list when you move into a new home? There are several things that are often forgotten or left for a later date, and then almost always forgotten altogether. In an effort to help you become more organized for your move, we have developed a priority list that we think could help ensure that during a move you are dotting all the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘T’s’.

So, what should your Moving Priority List contain? This is going to differ from person to person, but we have a few major items to include!

  1. Declutter Time! Be sure that you schedule enough time to declutter your home before the move. Trust us, the more you declutter, the happier you are going to be. It makes no sense to move tons of boxes that you are never going to open!
  2. Important updates and paperwork. Take time before the move, or right after, whichever works best for you for all those important updates and paperwork. This includes a change of address, getting new doctors that are in your area, getting kids registered for a new school, changing your address with magazines and the like. This is going to be time-consuming, but is simply something that must be done.
  3. Are there projects for your new home that need to be done before move in time? This is becoming more common as people are finding more value in buying a cheaper home then renovating this to what they want. The key is to do this before you have your belongings in the home.
  4. Pack everything a few days before the movers are to arrive. This way you are not running around the day of the move trying to get everything put into boxes and labeled.
  5. Make arrangements for what you are going to do between the time that your items are in the moving truck to the time that they are moved into a new home. You can use this time to do those DIY projects in the new home or the like!

For those who are contemplating a move, remember that professional at Excel Moving & Storage are here for you. We can make a stressful move just a bit easier on you…and if there is any way to make a move easier, you need to take it!

Dealing with the Blues After Moving


When we think of being saddened due to a move, we often think of kids. However, adults can be saddened by a move just as much. The difference is that while kids may throw a few fits, act as though their parents are ruining their lives and be a little stubborn about the move, adults realize that this move means a better opportunity for them and they still do it. The result is that a person may feel out of place, they may miss their friends, and they can even think that they will never have those close relationships that they once had in their new area. The key is learning how to deal with the blues after moving, and we have a few tips!

  1. Just because you move, this doesn’t mean that you cannot stay in touch with those that are left behind. The invention of cell phones, tablets and computers has made it to where you never should lose touch with any old friends. So, use it! This can help you from feeling too alone in your new area.
  2. Remind yourself why you moved. This is important. You may even want to write this down. Many times, after a person moves and they are in a new place, they begin to think that they made the worse mistake ever. However, through knowing why you moved and repeating this reasoning to yourself, it will help.
  3. Get out there! If you moved to this new area for work, be sure that you are putting yourself out there. If the entire staff goes to get drinks every Friday night, then join them. It doesn’t mean that you must drink, it just gets you out there to meet new people.
  4. Try to see more of your new area every day! Make it a goal to see something in this area that is worthwhile every day. It can be nothing bigger than a great store that people brag about or a park that allows dogs to roam. Find something new about this area until you feel as though you are at home!
  5. Let yourself be open to new things! This cannot be overstated enough. One of the main reasons that so many people have issues when they move into a new area, is that they are holding onto where they used to live and the life they had there. Instead of feeling blue about this move, look at this as a new adventure!

For those who are gearing up for a move, be sure to call the professionals. Here at Excel Moving we can handle those heavy pieces of furniture as well as those unique items. We get you to your new location with less hassle and stress on you!

prepare for movers

How to Prepare for Movers in the Home


For those who are new to using professional movers, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, you are going to love the experience that you get with professional movers. It is going to result in less stress and the entire move will run a bit smoother. However, this does not mean that you simply sit back and let them do their jobs, there are a few things that you need to do in preparation for them entering into your home to help you move.

  1. Always be sure that they have a clean path throughout the home. We want our movers to remain safe while they are in the home without the fear of tripping over boxes or items that have been left in the floor.
  2. Ask questions if you have them! The movers are more than happy to answer any concerns or questions that you may have.
  3. Be sure that you have cleared the moving truck for parking, especially if you live in an apartment complex that may have rules for where people can park.
  4. Let neighbors know that you are moving so that they know there may be a bit of noise on moving day.
  5. Be sure that you remove those things that the movers cannot handle. Whether this means that you put these into a separate box that states do not move or the like.

Movers are going to be professional when they enter into your home. They are going to get the job done and then go onto the next home that they are helping to move. The more prepared you are for the movers, you are going to find that the faster the move goes!

Summer Move

4 Tips for Your Summer Move

A summer move is in the future for many people. However, remember, this summer move is not the same as if you moved during the fall or winter time. During the summer in the Carolina’s, temperatures tend to soar. And this means moving differently. We have a few tips that everyone needs to remember about their summer move!

  1. Hydration is key! We have shared various graphics on our social feeds with summer tips for moving. However, we want to stress the importance of hydration. During the summer and when moving, your body is going to need more water. You will want to ensure you are drinking the recommended amount of water and supplementing this to ensure you are not becoming dehydrated if you are sweating while moving.
  2. Wear cotton clothing, as this is going to be more breathable. The more breathable your clothes are, the more likely you are to stay cool!
  3. Don’t skip eating. Many people when they are moving during the summer time, they tend to forget to eat or they simply skip this. However, you are using tons of calories while moving and packing. So be sure to eat! This can be something light, just ensure it gives you energy. A plate of raw veggies or fruits can be a great way to keep your energy levels high.
  4. Time your move just right. You will find that the heat is going to be worse during the early afternoon hours. That is why many people prefer to pack one day and then have the items loaded during the early morning hours to avoid the heat. This is something to consider and talk with your moving company about.

If you are moving in the area, be sure to contact us here at Excel to ensure that we can help manage your move. Our goal is to make your move easier and stress-free for you!


3 Things You Don’t Need to Move


While the majority of times, the advice is catered towards what you need to do and what you need to move, many people don’t realize there are some things that you need to leave behind. Why move these items when they are not worth your time? They are going to add extra weight to the truck, which results in a higher price for your overall move. Here are a few things that you can toss into the trash, give away or donate before moving, as they are not worth your time to move!

Those Unwanted Things

We all have them, those things that we would be okay if they were lost or destroyed. If you feel about these items like this, then why bother with moving these? Instead, donate these somewhere. You never know when those things that are outdated to you are going to be loved by someone else! Remember this, if you move these items, then they are just going to be taking up space in your new place as well!

Have Kids? Don’t Move those Broken Toys

For those who have kids, they know that there are always those toys that are no longer working as they should, they are completely broke and need to see the inside of a trash can or the kid has outgrown these toys. In these cases, take a garbage bag and go to town. Throw away those toys and items that are broken and damaged. Toys that have been outgrown, donate.

Why Move That Bubble TV?

There are several people who have those extra TV’s that are sitting around their homes, such as those bubble TV’s that are taking up a corner in their storage room or basement. Why move these outdated electronics? There are several stores and centers that welcome people to drop off these outdated electronics for recycling. For example, BestBuy is known to allow a person to drop off up to 3 electronic items per household, per day to be recycled.


For those who are ready to move, remember to let Excel Moving know what day you need to move and talk with them about the move itself. WE can make your move so much easier!


Moving Plan

Moving Plan: A Plan for a Move in Two Months


Moving PlanWhen most people think of a moving plan, they think that this comes together in a little over a few weeks. However, if you want the best move that you can possibly get, be sure that you are planning for this move at least two months in advance. And we have a few tips that are going to make this easier!

2 Months Before Moving Date

During this time, you are going to want to do a few things:

  1. Get moving quotes from companies
  2. Compare the different moving companies you are considering
  3. Chose a moving company and make an appointment for your moving date. Remember, here at Excel Moving we are ready to help you in any way that we can, and we ensure a fair price and a great move!

6 Weeks Before Moving Date

This is the time in which you are going to want start organizing your move. Be sure that you are getting medical records together, school records for kids and all this information for your new location. Also, be sure that you are starting to compile moving supplies together for the day in which you move.

4 Weeks Out

This is the time to make final travel arrangements. For example, are you going to need to stay in a hotel once the moving company takes your belongings? Do you need to arrange for a vehicle to be shipped? Perhaps you need a dog sitter during the move? These are all aspects in which you will want to arrange now!

3 Weeks Until Move Out Day

You should be starting on the packing process. During this time pack:

  • Non-essential items such as non-seasonal clothing, family photos, photos on the walls, etc.
  • Start to make those small repairs to the home that you may need to, such as repairing holes and the like
  • Start the process of changing your address on the mail

2 Weeks to Move

This is the time to be focused on packing. You should aim for packing at least one room every two days, depending upon the size of your home. Be sure that you are not packing those things that you need to use every day just yet. This is also the time in which you should start setting up dates for cutting off water and electricity for your current home.

Moving Plan: One Week to Move

Almost all the packing should be completed, except for those rooms that you use most such as the kitchen and bedroom. This is the time to focus on those last-minute details such as having medications moved to a new pharmacy, getting a sitter for the kids or pets, or the like.

The day before the movers arrive, be sure that you pack up the kitchen and those items that you have been using daily. Then sit back and let the movers take care of the rest!

busy mom

Moving Advice for the Busy Mom

busy mom

Moving on its own, is a huge task. But, for many busy moms, they are left to be the ones to handle this entire move, as well as the rest of the house. Trust us, when watching a mom in action as she packs up another box, and then finds a sippy cup for the youngest child in the house, it will make you appreciate your own mother more! With this being said, we have compiled a few tips for moms who are trying to pack and move their family, while also ensuring that the house runs smoothly!

  1. Know when you need a break! This is important as moms tend to think that they can do it all, without catching but a few hours of sleep. This is not helping you, and it may be slowing you down! Instead, take some time with the kids, read a book, or just take some time for yourself…after the kids are asleep of course.
  2. The kitchen should be the last room you pack, as you don’t want to hunt through boxes for one kids favorite cup, the other kids favorite plate to eat pizza off and the like.
  3. Realize that while packing, you may not be able to fix those delicious meals each night, and that is okay. You are not Superman and no one expects you to keep up with everything else that is going on. Instead opt for a pizza and a salad delivered to save you some time.
  4. If you work outside of the home, or even from home, you may want to consider taking a few days off to just devote to packing up your house. It can make things much easier when you do not have too many irons in the fire.
  5. Have family nearby? Ask if they could watch the kids for a few hours each day to allow you some time alone to pack. It is amazing what you can get done when not having to stop every few minutes to stop kids from fighting, to get them the snack that they are wanting and the like.
  6. Always leave some toys unpacked for your kids, as they are going to be wanting their favorites. Sit them down and explain what is happening and how many toys they can keep out. It not only gives them a say so in what is going on, but it gives them a job to focus on so you can get some more packing done!

Moving and being a busy mom is hard, but you can do it. Take a week or so before the move date to start, and work at your own speed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!