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interesting items

Moving those Interesting Items Safely and Securely

interesting items

With the number of years that we have in the moving industry, needless to say we have seen some interesting items that we have moved in the past. It is these interesting items that always require a bit more care and concern to move, as we want to ensure that they get to their new location in pristine condition.

We have compiled some of the more interesting items that have been moved in the past by ourselves and others, and how to pack these items for safe transport!

A Human Skeleton

Believe it or not, several people who have been in the moving industry for years often come across one of these. For younger people, sometimes the human skeleton is a great conversation starter. While in many cases, it is used for educational purposes. Whatever the reason for having it in your home, it can be a real job to move this in one piece. If not properly cared for, you could find bones missing and broken connections, meaning that your skeleton will never be the same again. In order to prevent this, wrap the more delicate bones with bubble wrapping and cardboard, and do this from the top to the bottom!

Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

This is one of those items that are seen in several homes, and while most people think you can just shove it anywhere, it can become damaged and never really stand up on its own anymore. The best advice is to place this between box springs and a mattress to allow it to be stored and moved properly.

Amazing Aquariums

Several people have huge aquariums, full of fish and the like. Though, we won’t move the fish for you, we can move the aquarium. The fish are considered pets, so you will need to take care of this. However, in order to move an aquarium, it will require as much care, if not more, than if we were to be moving a large plasma television. Mirror boxes come in handy as they are designed for glass, and this is what we will utilize in order to store this properly and then handle this with care.

Large Indoor Trees

We have seen some beautiful homes with indoor trees that are very large in size. When these are to be moved, it brings about a whole list of issues. For one, these trees are often very susceptible to temperature change and can become damaged in this way. And two, sometimes these are so large, it is easy for trees and smaller limbs to become broken. So how can you avoid this? Professionals recommend wrapping the delicate leaves and branches in wet paper to ensure that the temperature change is not too much. We recommend bracing some of the weaker parts of the tree in cardboard, to give it more cushion for when it is moved.

No matter what you have to move, we can help here at Excel Moving. Just contact us to start discussing your move!