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Moving Plan

Moving Plan: A Plan for a Move in Two Months


Moving PlanWhen most people think of a moving plan, they think that this comes together in a little over a few weeks. However, if you want the best move that you can possibly get, be sure that you are planning for this move at least two months in advance. And we have a few tips that are going to make this easier!

2 Months Before Moving Date

During this time, you are going to want to do a few things:

  1. Get moving quotes from companies
  2. Compare the different moving companies you are considering
  3. Chose a moving company and make an appointment for your moving date. Remember, here at Excel Moving we are ready to help you in any way that we can, and we ensure a fair price and a great move!

6 Weeks Before Moving Date

This is the time in which you are going to want start organizing your move. Be sure that you are getting medical records together, school records for kids and all this information for your new location. Also, be sure that you are starting to compile moving supplies together for the day in which you move.

4 Weeks Out

This is the time to make final travel arrangements. For example, are you going to need to stay in a hotel once the moving company takes your belongings? Do you need to arrange for a vehicle to be shipped? Perhaps you need a dog sitter during the move? These are all aspects in which you will want to arrange now!

3 Weeks Until Move Out Day

You should be starting on the packing process. During this time pack:

  • Non-essential items such as non-seasonal clothing, family photos, photos on the walls, etc.
  • Start to make those small repairs to the home that you may need to, such as repairing holes and the like
  • Start the process of changing your address on the mail

2 Weeks to Move

This is the time to be focused on packing. You should aim for packing at least one room every two days, depending upon the size of your home. Be sure that you are not packing those things that you need to use every day just yet. This is also the time in which you should start setting up dates for cutting off water and electricity for your current home.

Moving Plan: One Week to Move

Almost all the packing should be completed, except for those rooms that you use most such as the kitchen and bedroom. This is the time to focus on those last-minute details such as having medications moved to a new pharmacy, getting a sitter for the kids or pets, or the like.

The day before the movers arrive, be sure that you pack up the kitchen and those items that you have been using daily. Then sit back and let the movers take care of the rest!