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Tips to Conquer a New City after Moving


As professional movers, we have seen a lot of people come our way and have helped these people move to their new homes. However, what most people don’t realize is that we connect to these people, we learn their stories, often the reasons as to their moves, and sometimes, even their fears that they have of moving. One particular fear that seems to come up a lot when we move families is the new area in which they are moving to. This is even more prevalent in those who are moving from their families to a new area devoid of any connections.

With this being said, it is a hard time for everyone. Not only do they have stress from the move itself, but they are navigating a new city, a new way of life and the obstacle of finding likeminded individuals to connect with. That is why we have compiled a few tips to help make a long distance move a bit easier on you, especially if this is your first time moving away from what you have always known.

  1. Ensure that you are using apps like Skype or GroupMe to stay in touch with family and friends in your old city. Just because you move, does not mean that you have to cut ties with these people.
  2. Realize that you are in a new place, so don’t expect to make friends immediately, it will take time, but it will happen.
  3. Consider joining an online group that interests you that has its roots in your new city. This can be anything from a hobby or even a group that is looking to find people friends.
  4. Check out the local restaurants, many people find their new group of friends at a local hangout.
  5. When you start to feel down, list all of the things that you love about your new home and location. This can help you to put into perspective why you moved here in the first place!

For those who are looking to move to Richmond or surrounding areas, but sure to give Excel a call. We can help move your belongings into a new home, and many of our movers can recommend a great local hangout to get you started on your new life.