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Moving Outdoor Items: Tips for Success


When moving, most people focus on packing up their home. However, what about those outdoor pieces that you want to take with you? Contrary to what most people think, you can move these items. The only restriction would be if you sold your home and these items were requested by the buyers to be left behind. If this is not a situation that you are facing, then we can help with moving these items as well. However, we have a few tips to make this move flawless and easy for everyone involved!

  1. Clean these pieces up, as you don’t want to pack up dirty items. It may seem odd to clean these, but trust us, when you arrive at your new home and those patio chairs are clean, you are going to appreciate this!
  2. Be sure to check items for bugs like spiders and the like. You don’t want to put these items into the truck and find that these creepie crawly bugs make their way into your other boxes!
  3. Dismantle swing sets to save room. This can be said of other outdoor items like playhouses and bulky toys. Kids love these, and you don’t have to leave these behind!

Remember, some items that you may have sitting in your garage cannot be moved, such as paint tins, oil or pesticides. You can move items like lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and the like, if the gas has been removed so these are not leaking during a move, for your safety.

Just because these items are outdoors, does not mean that you cannot take these into your new home! Here at Excel, we want your move to be stress-free, along with going above and beyond your previous moving experiences!