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An Overseas Move from North Carolina

overseas move

If you currently live in North Carolina, moving overseas can be a huge change! After all, you may be moving to an area in which you do not know the language, the people or even the customs of those who live here. On top of this, you still must move your items to this new location! Do not do this on your own, as you are going to find that there are specific regulations that should be followed when an overseas move.

What Are These Regulations?

The regulations from an overseas move whether you move from North Carolina or other locations are going to find that customs will have several steps you must clear before your items are moved. One of the biggest things that you must have to move your items overseas is through a packing list.

This packing list should include serial numbers, models and make for electronics or appliances that you may be moving.  There are other items that must be listed individually, such as:

  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Carpets, including the sizes of these
  • Items that are used outside of the house such as grills, pools, etc.

Other items such as clothing, books, dishware, toys, and the like can usually be categorized rather largely, rather than having to list these individually and description.

How We Can Help with an Overseas Move?

Here at Excel Moving, we can help ensure that an overseas move from North Carolina is going to go flawlessly. We first offer you a moving coordinator who will go over what you want to move, when you need to have this completed by and the like. They are going to be the one person in which you can trust throughout the entire process and answer any questions that you may have.

Next, our packers will come in and pack these items for you, creating the detailed list to fit regulations to pass customs. This is important! If you attempt to do this on your own, you may delay your shipment. If your shipment is delayed this can make it harder to really settle into your new home. Once these items are packed, the packing list has been made, and they are on their way, we do provide you with a link to track your shipment online, ensuring you can plan your arrival accordingly.

An overseas move from North Carolina is not impossible! We are here, and we have the experience to make this a smooth move.