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Record Management: Consider This for your Business Move

record management

If your business is considering a move, what about record management? Here at Excel we can help you move your business to a new location with ease, but did you know we also offer record management services? Why should you consider these services? Here is why:

  1. Record management has been shown to help decrease the likelihood of your business becoming a victim of identity theft!
  2. Through utilizing record management, you can decrease the physical space that you need at your business location.
  3. Do you want to know that your records are being stored properly and away from prying eyes? This is a worry of many businesses, but with our service, it is no longer an issue.

Many businesses decide to move due to the space that their records are taking up. While this is a legitimate reason to move, if this is the only reason, is it truly worth it? Our record management service also offers document destroying services that are safe and per your requirements. This can provide you not only with more space, but with the peace of mind that secured documents are taken care of as they should be!

Our facility houses are in Greensboro, NC. And no matter where you are, you can always see that status of your documents from our online tracking system. And if an emergency were to arrive and you need a document, we can get this to you within an hour when the need arises. In the end, you are saving yourself some headaches and space at your location.

Even if you are determined to move into a new location, while move these records with you? Let us move them in our secured facility, and it will no longer be something that you must worry about. Instead, spend some extra time turning this new business location into one that you are super proud of!