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Moving Advice for Seniors


In most cases, when a senior decides that it is time to move, they are moving to a smaller home than what they are leaving. In fact, it may be their families who are suggesting that they move, sometimes closer to their children or the like. For seniors, moving can be extremely difficult, especially in cases where they have lived in the home they are moving from for quite some time. We have collected a few pieces of advice to make this easier for seniors who have decided to move.

  1. If you are downgrading, take the time to get rid of some items in your home. Let your family look at what you may be getting rid of and if this is something that they would want to have in their home. At least this way you are keeping the item in the family.
  2. Find out about your new area and if there are restrictions to what you can bring. Many seniors move into retirement communities that provide them with new furniture in a home, this is something to consider as you do not want to move your couch for no reason.
  3. Be sure that you list your home as soon as possible on the market. Your real estate agent will have a better chance of getting this sold in a timeframe that is going to help you get to your new home sooner.
  4. Do you need transportation services to get your vehicle to your new area? This is something to consider, as many retirement communities may not allow for a personal vehicle. Two, if you are moving close to your family, you may not need a vehicle which will be an extra expense, wasted, if it is not truly needed.
  5. Be ready for an adjustment. For many seniors, they are leaving a home that they purchased 40 years ago, and raised a family in. This is going to be emotional, but also look at how this move could be exciting and a new adventure to take!

For those who are ready to move, for whatever reason, Excel Moving is here for you. We have the movers and staff to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch and you are into your new home as soon as possible.