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Gearing up for a Move: Staging your Home


While we are professionals in moving you, we have become knowledgeable in quite a few other areas of the moving process. For those who are selling their home, they may be resorting to “staging”. Staging is the act of putting in nice furniture, and décor that may not be your personal favorite, but is more likely to get a buyer to bite on your home. It does work, so don’t be too fast in not considering it. For those who are going through this part of moving, we have a few tips to make this work better and ensure that you do not lose your sanity or question your reason for moving in the first place!

Your Home is Your Museum

Now that you are trying to sell, your home is a museum. And with that in mind it should always be spotless. This can be difficult to do for many people. However, here are a few helpful tips to could make it easier:

  • Instead of doing laundry at home, take it to a laundromat, this way you are not cluttering your ‘museum’ with dirty laundry
  • Consider eating out more so that you avoid dirty dishes in the skin and a messy kitchen
  • Ensure that kids are picking up toys every morning and night, when potential buyers could be stopping to see the home
  • Always declutter when new items are brought into the home and keep it decluttered!
  • Consider using storage units for those extra items in your home that may not fit in with the concept of the staging or which are simply in the way

Be Move Ready!

One of the benefits of having your home staged is that more than likely you are going to have your belongings already ready to go in the event that the home sells. This can work to your advantage, as it can mean less work in limited time frames to get moved. We do highly suggest that you work with your real estate agent in developing a schedule for when potential buyers are going to be coming by to take a look. This can allow you to make a few last minute adjustments to make the home perfect!

If you are ready to move, and the staging elements have worked in getting your home sold, don’t forget to notify Excel Moving. We are here to make your move one that is stress free and easy!