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Moving with Teens: Tips to Succeed


One of the biggest challenges in moving, is when you move with kids in tow. Moving with kids can be a bit easier, the younger the kids are. However, what do you do when moving with teenagers? For many parents who have done this in the past, they find that this move is harder than any others. Why is this? For one, teens are often categorized as being a bit on the moody side, to say it lightly. The idea of change may be something that upsets them, and if this is the case, you may want to count on them acting out. Two, teenagers have friends that they have developed and may even have a boyfriend or girlfriend that they do not want to leave. So, what can you do?

We have a few tips on what to do and what to avoid doing, as you could make the situation worse. Remember, moving is a huge life change, no matter what age you are!

  1. Talk to your teen about the move. Don’t assume that they are not happy about this! Assuming they are not happy about the move can make the move even harder. You never know, your son or daughter could be super happy about moving.
  2. If you do have an upset teen, don’t let them make you feel guilty about moving. This is a common feeling for parents if a teen is unhappy or acting out about this move. Remember, kids often adapt to a move easier than what parents think. Be positive and know that you are making this move for a good reason.
  3. Try to move when the school year is over, during the summer. It can be easier for a teen when they are starting fresh during an academic year, rather than starting in the middle.
  4. Get an internet connection asap at your new location so that the teen can stay in touch with those back at their old location. This will make the move easier as they can still communicate with their old friends.
  5. Encourage your teen to get involved in new groups at your new location. This way they are making new friends, and this can help ease their transition into a new school.
  6. Try to give your teen things to do while moving, to make them feel as though they are a part of this move. Plus, this can help a teen to not focus on the moving dilemma that they may be feeling.
  7. While your teen may mope around due to the move, keep a watch on them, but try not to interfere much. Kids often find their own way if they are given the chance, and this can be a tremendous time of growth in your teens life. However, if you do notice that their grades start slipping or they are getting depressed, perhaps counseling could help.

Remember, moving is a difficult task. We can make it easier! Here at Excel Moving we have years of moving experience. This way, you can focus on your teen and other children rather than worrying about when boxes are set to arrive at your new home.