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moving day

What to Expect on Moving Day

moving day

One of the most common questions that people have when they decide to use a professional mover. Moving day is already a stressful day with the actual act of switching homes and getting your items out of the current location. When you factor in having professional movers come into your home and move you, the stress levels can start going through the roof with wondering what you to expect. We have compiled together a few tips and information to help you to get more prepared for moving day.

  1. Your movers will around at the time that was specified. So you do not have to worry about movers showing up before you are ready. When you call Excel Moving we are going to give you a window of time when the movers will be at your residence to pick up your belongings. This will give you a time and date as to when you need to be finished with packing.
  2. Movers will pack your belongings to the truck to load, they will be using dolly’s, carrying these boxes and the like. At this point, you will find it best to simply step out of the way and let these movers do their job. You will notice that they go about packing up your home according to the space on the truck and the best way to fit all of your items without wasting space.
  3. As the movers have started to empty rooms, take this time to clean up the room and ready it for the next family that will be leaving in the home. This is especially important for those who are renting and will need to have a move out inspection.
  4. Once the crew has packed all of your boxes and belongings onto their truck, they will give a time of delivery for your items at your new home. You will need to sign off that you will be present at your new location at the given time so that your items can be unloaded and put into your new home.

Here are a few other things to remember about moving day:

  • The time in which it will take your movers to put your items into the truck and be on their way is going to depend on the size of the house and the belongings that you have. In most cases, a couple of hours is all that is needed when moving a standard sized home.
  • The process will go much faster if you do not interfere with what items you want packed next and the like. Movers have a way of loading items to get maximum use of the truck space that they have.

In the end, when you use movers, you will find that the process is much easier than if you were to do this on your own. This is one of the many benefits of using a professional moving company like Excel Moving.